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It is the right time to quit your relationship and move on


At times couples are better off ending their relationship because of unpredictable behavior, carelessness and fading emotions. Before crossing the red line – check out for these signs.

Conversations, the basics of mutual relationships, become a burden. It could be you solely sacrificing to initiate conversation throughout. Nothing good is coming out of it.

After trying for several occasions and nothing tangible coming up, it is time to hang your boots.

Call it to quit. Develop self-respect, strengthen personal development and move on. This is a free world. They say, whatever is meant for you will come back to you. You had enough struggle to rejuvenate your love.

In your relationship, have you come across a point in time when days go without you having proper communication? Anyone waits for the other to say something.

Not necessarily quarreling which may contribute to silencing at times. In such a scenario, the bond is on the deathbed. Actually, you can’t fathom the truth of the matter. Emotions and feelings are finished here. Go separate ways.

With ample technology, communication is made easy. Various platforms are readily available for expressing love and constant checking on each other.

An indication like a person leaving chats callously on regular basis doesn’t auger well with a healthy relationship.

Exceptions are inevitable, no worry about that. Courtesy, respect and consideration call for proper exit of conversation.

If they leave the chat hurriedly, one thing is clear, nothing of you is valued. It is a bad habit for people considering sharing life. If it persists seek alternative love. Give yourself a break. Move on.

Some of these things come naturally. You just feel it. You feel the connection is gone. The excitement is long gone. It comes a time you realize that you are on your own, you are struggling for almost everything ranging from attention, love, kiss, romance, etc.

You keep trying but it just can’t work out. You come to realize that she moved on a long time ago and you just have to call it a quit. When you start feeling like the relationship is draining you.

You’re working too hard for it to see another day. That’s when you should pack. And fly away. Don’t even walk away. Fly away far and wide.

If you are dating and after meeting someone, they are negatively critical, they lower your self-esteem, self-worth, self-value and they don’t respect any of the boundaries you have told them. Please run for your safety.

When you are the only one pushing for things to work out. Always apologizing when the mistake isn’t even yours. When you feel you’re the only one keeping things together please get out of that shit relationship.

When you can’t erect no matter what she does on you, when seeing her angers you, when small normal like her farting in bed calls for a meeting, when her food tastes nasty after spending a whole day in the kitchen.

Her jokes and touches make you irritated. Don’t you see you aren’t interested any longer?

When you see no future in it. While your partner starts to act wild. When you feel you are no longer happy.

You can try all you can to talk to your partner but maybe he/she doesn’t want to engage in that conversation or change what he is doing. Please if you love yourself then say no more to violence, say no more to anything that keeps you sad.

When that other gender suddenly starts “seeing” all your weaknesses they never saw before and mentioning buzz words like “toxic relationship” know it has run its natural course and it’s time to walk away.

When you feel what you have is not love. Some people are not sure whether they are in real love especially when they start a relationship.

Some confuse infatuation with love. Infatuation does not last and is part of what causes cheating. So it is better to quit than hurt yourself or your partner.

When she keeps on talking about her ex, that’s when you know it’s time you have to let it go.

Also when there are many misunderstandings that cannot be solved amicably.

When the issue of money becomes paramount and nagging and if there’s conjugal denial. For marriage, this is a crisis. The foundation of the relationship is all lost.

Having said enough, do you think there are serious reasons for leaving your relationship? Keep your comments and suggestions coming.