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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have questions or comments about AfyaSmile Kenya?

Send your queries, suggestions and comments to afyasmilekenya@gmail.com

Q. How can I advertise on your website?
We encourage most of our adverts to be health products and services, contact us through contact@afyasmilekenya.co.ke for you to advertise on our website.

Q. Can I share health stories or experience on your site?
YES, we value our reader’s feedback and we encourage you to share with us your health experience by first registering and then share your interesting and valuable thoughts with us.

Q. Can I write for your website?
YES, ensure the content falls under our health topics. Send your health-related articles to afyasmilekenya@gmail.com Our editors will confirm with you if your article will be published. We stress on originality and quality.

Q. I’ve noticed something isn’t working right, and I’d like to tell AfyaSmile Kenya about it. How do I do that?
Please tell us! We want the site to work right for everyone, and we love it when you let us know if things are broken. Please email us at afyasmilekenya@gmail.com and we’ll look right into it.

Q. Can I get advice from health expert/professional through your website?
We will do our best to help our readers. Send us your health-related queries to afyasmilekenya@gmail.com or through our social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Please be real when asking questions.

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