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Why Do WOMEN step out of their MARRIAGES?


Society at large has always believed that men cheat more than women, but according to various research conducted over time, both genders cheat.

 The ball is in your court, take look at your married friends and compare and contrast.

Infidelity is a common issue many marriages face, so why exactly do women cheat. Why would one risk their whole marriage for pleasure? Well, let’s find out.

Emotional starvation

It is widely known that men and women cheat for various reasons; men cheat for sexual fulfillment while women look to fill an emotional void.

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These emotions could be support, respect, adoration, empathy, etc. Emotional cheating does not necessarily mean physical cheating in terms of sex or intimacy.

However, most sexual affairs start as emotional cheating. Boundaries will eventually be crossed.

Dissatisfaction in relationship

Every relationship has its boundaries, when one crosses then justify their actions. When the woman lacks satisfaction, she will go out, look for it and justify it.

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The woman would say something like ‘Oh, I did have an affair because we are having a rough time and we don’t see eye to eye.

Therefore, women fail to notice that failing to stop these actions before will hurt the marriage.

In need of excitement

Think of it, how many times have you heard the phrase before, ‘I love my husband, my marriage but the excitement is lacking”.

These women typically adore their spouses but can’t get enough of the excitement and spice of a new experience. Life gets boring with our daily routine.

Going to work and taking care of kids can be boring and tiring. Couples need to accept this as fact of life and look for ways to spice up their lives.

No sex in the relationship

Getting familiar and used to your husband may eventually lead to some couples thinking that sex is not as important or necessary when in fact sex helps bond the couple even more especially during disagreements. Try as much as you can to awaken the spark and keep it alive.


This can be as a result of many real factors in the marriage such as the physical absence of a partner if they could be working outside the country or in the military, chronic illnesses.

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All these can leave one feeling lonely, isolated, or disconnected from the world. At some point, they will look for someone to fill the gap.

Mid-life crisis

This typically happens to people between 35 and 60 years of age. Some women may realize they have lost a lot of time without trying out a lot of things such as cheating or sleeping out. They may act out to make up.

Some use cheating as a way of numbing unresolved feelings. Sometimes difficult emotions arise out of difficult situations, thus developing ways of coping with them.