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Marriage: Dealing with reduced libido after getting the first child


Steve, couldn’t imagine starving sexually in presence of his wife since she had her first child. He spends his day at work only to return with a mother busy with her toddler.

At night, she spends more time attending to the baby. As confused as he became, intimacy remained a forgotten topic. Like him, many men cannot envisage marriage could be ascetic.


Having a first child is a moment of confusion for most couples. Nobody knows what to expect.

The injury, the baby who takes more time and the actual determination when to embark on affection activity and overflowing breast milk. A lot happens during this period. The sexual discussion is usually delayed.

Less romantic need

Giving birth will, ultimately, have an impact on intercourse life. Infants require gentle care including breastfeeding.

Mothers will likely enjoy less sleep day and night which in turn depletes energy, changes mood and lessen their ability to function outside the baby’s world.

Furthermore, healing from the physical injury of delivery requires time and patience.

For a mother who breastfeeds her kid, cleans the baby and the clothes, cooks food and does other household chores, the last thing in mind is entertaining the husband in bed comfortably.

Less sleep, according to studies, equals decreased sexual urge.

Marriages get affected by child upbringing for the early months of delivery. Husbands, not really understanding what wives go through, maybe wonder why their share of time is limited.

Previously, much time could have been scheduled for intimacy which rarely happens in the present situation. Parenthood isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Parental excitement

Alternatively, with parental excitement, the man could be too much into the child forgetting the mother. Blessing of being a father. At this juncture, cooperation is effective in sharing intimacy and nurturing the newborn baby.

Libido could be lost around this time. Also, your partner might feel like all your attention is going to the baby – they can feel jealous or left out or feeling of neglect.

Sharing responsibility, at some point, improves intimacy. Instead of her suffering in major chores providing a helping hand means getting time to rest and, in the long run, thinking of enjoying romance.

If she is bathing the baby, as a man you should assist in cooking, if she is washing the baby’s clothes, why don’t you spread the baby’s bed?

After all, love is about doing things together. Body massaging for her will go a long way in cheering her up. Maybe you will get what you want.

Sharing responsibility

Parenthood should be a shared responsibility. In marriage, there should be no man and woman but a husband and wife.

Just share the house chores and no one will feel left out or much tired not to participate in the various responsibilities including conjugal rights.

How can you enjoy romance when she is the only one up and down going about everything in the house? Create time to be together and enjoy.

Share with us your experience in dealing with low libido months after delivery.