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Various amazing water sports in Mombasa


Mombasa, a busy tourist destination located along the Coastal line of the Indian Ocean is characterized by large water bodies, marine wildlife, the blue waters, and the backdrop of a jaw-dropping skyline.

One striking feature about Mombasa is the weather condition of extreme heat which is part of the reason tourists and residents love to engage in water sports.

Some of these water activities are paragliding, water skiing, sailing, knee/flyboarding, boat riding, surfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving among others.


This is a leisure activity where one is attached to a parasail wing that closely resembles a parachute.

The anchor used for this could be a boat, a truck, or a car, in this case, a boat is the one used.

This activity might look scary but it isn’t, well at least according to Jane who does this activity often.

‘Landing and takeoff are slow and smooth while parasailing. It is a very calming experience; everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.’ You need an operator to control the parasailing

Water skiing

This is a watersport where an individual is tied to a boat over a water surface while standing on a ski or two skis.

This activity aids in burning calories due to its intense nature hence weightless.

It is not a difficult sport especially when you start with two skis as opposed to one which brings more balance to you. Compared to snow skiing, water skiing is much simpler.


This is swimming on or in water bodies while having a diving mask, snorkel [a breathing tube], and swim fins.

This recreational sport is lived as it gives revelers a closer look at the underworld that is full of life.

Call this having a safari in the deep sea. This has a lot of risks underwater such as strong unforeseen currents, underwater objects and possible failure of the equipment. Consult a snorkeling official before starting it.


This refers to the use of a kayak – a narrow and small watercraft, to move through the water surface.

Its nature gives the same effect as performing aerobic exercises as it is a low-impact exercise.

You move through the water with the aid of a double-bladed paddle. This activity is so much fun when done amongst a group of people.


Kneeboarding refers to riding kneeboards while in a kneeling position. The passenger then holds on to the long horse that connects to the large water body.

Flyboarding is an activity done on a hydro-flight device that gives propulsion to push the fly board to the air.

The passenger stands on the fly board while connected by a long horse to a watercraft. This is a relatively new sport, especially in Kenya.

This could bring about a few injuries for beginners such as head and neck injuries, to avoid this wear protective gear such as helmets from a licensed provider.

Mombasa has a lot of hydro-flight both withstand the mainland in private and public facilities.

When going out with family and friends, give it a try and ensure safety first by getting certified personnel to teach each sport with the right attire.