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Boost your LIBIDO with these NATURAL TIPS


Spicing up your sex life can be done in various ways – both naturally and use of prescribed medication. Let’s focus on the natural ways as they are sustainable in the long run.

What is libido?

In the simplest terms, this refers to one’s sexual desire or drive. This is largely dependent on internal and external factors such as sleep, habits, hormone levels, etc. Generally, the libido declines as we age.

Increasing libido naturally

Include chocolate in your diet – Chocolates have a very appealing look that gives a symbol of desire. Just as it is appealing physically, it does increase one’s sex.

Chocolates have some mood-lifting gives due to the presence of two major chemicals which are Serotonin and phenethylamine.

Available studies show that these effects are more psychological. However, more needs to be studied for conclusive reports.

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Include fruits that boost libido in your diet – Bananas and avocados are a few examples in this category. These fruits also provide the body with important minerals and vitamins hence increasing blood flow to the genital areas. This, in turn, promotes a healthy sex life.

Consume your herbs and spices – Include these in your couple’s dinner. For instance, Basili’s smell stimulates the senses. Spices such as garlic are rich in allicin that aids in blood flow.

The effects of herbs and spices have a chance of helping erectile dysfunction.

Herbs derived from the Chinese Ginkgo tree called the Ginkgo Biloba help treat sexual dysfunction deprived of antidepressants.

Take the Yohimbine found in the West African evergreen bark which is believed to work just like the Viagra by enhancing the quality of an erection and maintaining it.

Researchers never seem to agree which one yields more results between Yohimbine and Viagra, but one thing is for sure, they both have a good effect.

Increase your self-confidence – Sex starts with the mind, the way you feel about your body has a direct effect on your sex.

Hindering self-confidence

Factors that may hinder your self-confidence may include bodyweight issues. Create the best healthy body for yourself and love all the uniqueness you bring. High self-confidence means higher chances of enjoying sex.

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Find ways of handling stress – This is especially needed for women as they struggle with self-confidence. Stress has a direct impact on sex whether the lack of it or reduction of quality.

Some ways of relieving stress include taking nature walks, meditation, or taking part in group or individual sporting activities.

Unresolved conflict

Solve your relationship conflicts before they blow up. For women, unresolved conflict affects the quality and quantity of sex.

Both of you should communicate your issues and come to a mutual understanding of solving them.

Have enough sleep at night and take naps when exhausted during the daytime.

If all these fail, consult your doctor for further examination.