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New year resolution: Personal growth goals for 2022


Personal growth, a term commonly used at the beginning of every year, refers to the various intentional tactics one learns and practices to correct bad habits, actions, and their subsequent reactions for the better.

Personal growth is also identified as self-growth.

However, personal growth which is also self-growth involves identifying negative traits and working on eliminating them for the better.

Examples of personal growth
  • Becoming a responsible citizen e.g. engaging in activities for the betterment of the society such as environmental conservation or voting.
  • Increasing your knowledge and self-awareness on various issues affecting you and your community.
  • Having a positive attitude.
  • Having anger management.
  • Developing new valuable skills which could be technical skills or social skills.
  • Developing hardworking tendencies.
  • Being financially literate; knowing how and when to spend.

Additionally, self-growth begins in childhood and is instilled by our guardians, society, etc.

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At this stage, most of us are not fully aware of it until we are grown up.

What triggers us to get the desire for personal growth?
  • Traumatic experiences and life hardships push us to develop better personal growth.
  • Inspiration, which can be drawn from various media e.g. novels, fiction films, the bible/Koran among others also plays a role in achieving personal growth.

Whatever the reason is, the result is commonly admirable. Furthermore, it does help all aspects of life.

At Work

It helps one change his attitude and approach towards work which eventually leads to high productivity and career growth.

Picture this, you have a job that you hate because your supervisor puts unnecessary pressure on you, leading to job hatred.

Every day seems like a bad day because of that experience. Personal growth involves identifying the problem, the cause, and having a solution.

If you can’t get a solution, you can choose to change your attitude towards such a situation.

Personal relationships

This involves getting in touch with the human side of you. It helps you become a positive, enthusiastic and considerate person.

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Furthermore, self-growth means taking care of our surroundings with a positive mind and dispelling bad habits such as indulging in drug abuse, alcohol and taking steps in correcting them.

Tactics to help personal growth

We need to understand that humans are different in one way or another. To get the perfect one that fits you, one must look within and understand their habits. Here are a few;

Look at your daily habits with honesty and openness. This will directly lead you to understand your negative habits that need correction.

One thing about human behavior is that we always know when we’re doing something wrong or harmful. So, listen to that inner voice of reason.

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Watch those around you, their behaviors. This helps with identifying the negatives and positives. Emulate positive mannerisms.

We experience growth when we deliberately work on our weaknesses.