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Experience: How I found drinking water while standing is unhealthy


Water, as collectively known, is life. Health experts maintain that drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily is healthy; it keeps the body hydrated.

In our bodies, the temperature is regulated by water and form a significant part of bodily processes – digestion, transportation of nutrients and removal of wastes.

Browsing the internet, I figured out a heated argument on the impact of drinking water in a standing position. Evidence and supporting arguments weren’t enough until I came across an individual confession.

The confession goes this way – quenching thirst with water while seated enhances pain relief.

Various authors pen down health problems associated with drinking water while standing but more importantly, there is no concrete evidence of health complications resulting from the behavior.

Religious perspective

The backdrop of our argument emanates from the personal experience and the religious backing of the habit. Going by Islamic tradition, drinking water while sitting is the best practice, by extension, all sources of foods to be consumed while seated.

“I have been suffering from back pain and constant constipation for a long time”, goes the experience.

At first, he never knew the medical cause of his suffering but kept hoping to relieve will land. He even tried to seek a medical assistant and the result wasn’t helping either.

“Less than a year ago, I had severe back pain and constipation followed by difficulty in going to the toilet since bowel movement has been a major problem.

For the few individuals I shared my knotty with, they jokingly advised me to get married to reduce sperm accumulation”, says Ahmed, chuckling at the thought of such guidance.

One of the fine days he received an online message from a friend via WhatsApp message application explaining the problem linked with drinking water while standing and how it is healthy to have water seated.

The note stuck to his mind and he keenly embarked on doing research to approve the statement.

“From a joint I frequent, I observed how people comfortably drink water while seated unlike my personal practice of gulping while standing. Additionally, from a religious viewpoint, sitting is preferred.

Gradual pain relief

For several days I could drink water while seated. In the meantime, I could search the online platforms regarding the health challenges of drinking in a standing position.

Gradually, I realized changes especially in the back pain that has been disturbing me a lot – it progressively lessened. Little did I know that the practice ended my agony”.

Although the practice found its backing from a religious perspective and personal experiment, health professionals and researchers didn’t get a shred of tangible evidence to link the habit to ailments.

“It is now eight months since I adopted the custom of sitting down whenever I want to drink water; whether at home or market places.

For now, all the pains diminished and I said thank you to whoever sent me the online message that changed my healthy life for the better”, added Ahmed.

Medical point of view

Maulid Yussuf, a general practitioner, articulates that it is safe to have water in either position.

“Drinking water while standing is not medically different from sitting. Many health professionals will agree with the fact that drinking water in a standing or sitting position won’t do any harm.

And there are no such health impediments associated with taking water in standing position”.

The bottom line is that drinking water in a sitting position is the best alternative going by religious support and the personal testing we have just concluded.