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6 mistakes preventing you from losing weight

If you work on the 6 mistakes, all will be well with you.

Where there is a will there is a way, if this adage is anything to go by, losing weight would not be traumatizing for obese individuals.

However, empty personal promises massively failed lovers of a ‘perfect body shape. We want to get from an expert on the major hurdles preventing us from pursuing to cut down on weight.

Unfortunately, abdicating at the last minute is the worst and the common habit among us.

Furthermore, maintaining weight and keeping fit is a healthy reality for most of us; whether fat or thin.

Poor diet, lack of physical exercise, intake of more protein, habituating the consumption of junk foods, extending supper to bedtime and capitalizing on fast foods are the pathway to having more unwanted fats in the body.

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As part of solving the puzzle surrounding the failure of people to succeed in losing weight, AfyaSmile Kenya met Sylvester Okello, a gym instructor in Eastleigh’s Hard Boys Gym, First Avenue, Eastleigh Social Hall, to get to the bottom of this whole issue of maintaining a healthy weight.

Losing weight, as he says, is not always, a reflection of hitting the gym.

“Compound exercise that involves running is one of the foolproof ways to shed some fats. Body motion is an added advantage to keeping fit.

You can run at your own convenience, no one will ever charge for running; it is absolutely free of charge.

Losing weight is not always, a reflection of hitting the gym.

I don’t understand why people believe that without visiting the gym, nothing can be done about the excessive fats in the body?”, wonders Sylvester.

“If you believe that only the gym will solve your obesity problem, you are lying to yourself. Hurry, hurry has no blessing and, good things come in small packages,” Sylvester advises, warning that many people are in a hurry to shed their body weight, resulting in terrible failure.

Rome, after all, wasn’t built in a day.

“There is no specific duration of losing weight, even in the gym. What matters is a personal effort. Workouts like aerobics; produce significant outcomes in the long run.

The good news is that aerobics can be done at homes since there is no equipment involved”, he adds.

Support and encouragement go hand in hand. It is through inspiration that the mind can achieve extraordinary success.

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With the right mindset, objective and shoulder to lean, trust me, you can do perfectly better than being a lonely hustler.

Motivation is very important in one’s life. In the same vein, you require a motivator when working out, frequenting the gym or working on a weight loss program. Sylvester emphasizes getting a motivator.

“Having a motivator is very important. Apart from the gym instructor, you need someone who encourages you to come to the gym and pull you out of your warm blanket.

Instead of registering alone, come along with a friend, who will raise your spirits when you are down”.

Another major mistake people do is to exercise with an empty stomach.

Your regular visit to the gym calls for the sourcing of funds. Depending on the kind of gym you register, money is needed, but according to Silvester, that should never be a problem because there are various kinds of workouts that don’t require you to go to the gym.

He believes that being busy is the worst excuse to hinder your weight loss.

“There are different exercises people develop in order to stay home for free. I came across individuals lamenting about their tight schedule, that is being lazy.

You cannot be busy maintaining your body weight; in fact, your health should be your priority”.

Another major mistake people do is to exercise with an empty stomach, with the perception of losing weight fast.

Unless you want to quit the gym, eat carbohydrates, otherwise, you will be tired before you begin working out.

“Energy plays a significant role in the gym. Some people go to the gym with an empty stomach, thinking they will lose more weight, which is far from reality.

Eat energy-giving foods (carbohydrate) 30 minutes prior to exercise. Don’t starve yourself in the name of slimming. The negative effect of exercising on an empty stomach is the possibility of quitting the gym”.

Sylvester adds that balancing your diet, having regular small portions of meals and taking Super 3 hours prior to bedtime are the best tips for losing weight in the long term.

“Proper dieting entails eating small portions throughout the day to keep track of your metabolic rate. It is better to have 5 small portion meals a day than a whole meal once a day.

At night, avoid eating heavily when sleeping, instead take your meal an average of 3 hours to bed. Never sleep while hungry, it is never healthy at all”, he finalizes his healthy living lessons.