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Health benefits: The mystery of lemon water


Lemon water is slowly becoming part of the diet for many of us. This is especially so due to the onset of the covid pandemic with rumors flying around that covid does not survive in n acidic environments, so taking drinks strong in acids can help with that.

It is well known that lemon helps get rid of strong odors on surfaces and in the mouth too.

This was confirmed to be a lie by the VOA news. Most of us choose to take lemon early in the morning before the day begins.

No doubt lemons have a bitter taste that we all love, but what other nutritional value do we get from them?

How to serve lemon

Lemon can be eaten directly as a fruit or as a mixture with water. Real fresh lemons are preferred compared to the artificial ones sold in bottled cans.

Making lemon water

Cut the lemon into two halves and squeeze it into a glass of warm or cold water. Squeeze them with your hands, do not blend. This is the simplest stage it can be taken.

Another method is to add a flavor to the drink such as a slice of freshly cut ginger, a teaspoon of honey, mint leaves, a sprinkle of turmeric, add a slice of orange or lime.

You could optionally make lemon ice cubes which are much more effective. Squeeze your lemons into the ice cubes trays and freeze them.

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When in need of lemon juice take a few ice cubes and serve in warm or cold water

Benefits of lemon water

Currently, the existing research shows the benefit of lemon independent of water.

Helps in weight loss

This research was done on mice. The mice were overfed to intentionally get them to be obese. The antioxidant component helped with insulin resistance that played a big role in preventing them from gaining further weight.

There could be many reasons for aiding weight loss such as a lot of water consumption making one feel fuller or the effects of lemon water.

Helps with digestion

Ayurvedic medicine does say that lemon stimulates your Agni which jumpstarts the digestive system and, consequently, helps with easy food digestion and avoiding constipation.

Due to efficient digestion, toxins are prevented from building up.

Source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that offers protection by neutralizing free radical molecules. Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and lime are high in this.

The daily recommended amount adults should consume is anywhere from 60-90 mg, one lemon juice contains 19mgs.

Helps with hydration

Water is the best way to rehydrate and hydrate. However, to get a more appealing taste, add some flavor to it such as lemon which helps with drinking more.

The recommended amount of water to consume for men and women per day is 3.7 and 2.7 liters respectively.

Prevents kidney stones

Lemons have citric acid. Within the citric acid is the citrate which has a way of making the urine less acidic. It helps prevent the buildup of small stones, helps break the small stones, and flush them out.

Helps with fresh breath

It is well known that lemon helps get rid of strong odors on surfaces and in the mouth too. Foods such as ginger, garlic, or fish leave a strong smell in the mouth.

To avoid this bad breath, drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the opening and subsequently after meals especially those with strong smells.

Boosts skin health

This is due to the presence of Vitamin C; which is necessary for the growth and repair of body tissues.

This may assist with reducing skin drying, wrinkling, and excessive damage from too much direct sunlight.

Some side effects may include

Some have reported heartburns while some have seen relief in their heartburns. Each is unique in its way.

Citric acid may destroy the tooth enamel. To prevent this, take lemon water with a straw and clean your mouth right after with clean water.

It is common to have frequent visits to the bathroom for short calls.

Furthermore, the benefits of lemon water are evident. The key to these benefits is to consume the right amount of lemons in a day for maximum benefits.