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Sesame oil, queen of oils should be your healthy comrade


Fortunately, or unfortunately, some of us may never have the chance and opportunity to see how sesame looks like. And even its oil. Don’t worry, its health benefit will force you to search for it.

Sesame oil, queen of oils should be your healthy comrade. Image: Pixabay

I know you are visualizing other common oils and before I interrupt your thoughts, the said vegetable oil is edible and occurs naturally.

On the extreme end, some people love the oil with passion while others, the opposite is true.

As much as the sesame oil consumption is healthy, the usage is not limited to cooking alone. With your ready food, adding one or two spoonfuls is never harmful at all.

Traditionally, Chinese and Indians were reportedly massive users of the oil which is also referred to as the ‘queen of oils’.

It is a healthy oil

The sweet-smelling vegetable oil is added to food. One food I cannot imagine consuming without sesame oil is pancake or the locally called the ‘Somali Anjero’.

It is 100 percent way better than other oils. It improves the overall appetite of taking more pancakes without the stomach feeling the pressure.

Some studies say sesame oil has a substance that acts as a painkiller, and therefore, habitually using it will enhance body strengthen. Your frequent journey to seek over-the-counter drugs could ultimately be limited.

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Are you perchance suffering from insomnia or limited peace of mind? The oil is essential is critical in stabilizing the mind and improving remembrance. It contains fats that are essential in remembering and memorization.

Furthermore, the oil reduces or regulates body cholesterol when it is high and clears the vein where blood flows throughout the body. It helps in lessening varicose veins. This involves also applying the oil to the body.

Bowel movement is another major health issue many people are facing. Based on your diet and other underlying medical conditions that may result in the hardening of stool or poor bowel movement, sesame oil is of great help.

It softens the stool and enhances bowel movement. Do you know that the stomach is the root of your health or problems? I thought you should know.

For the elderly and those with blurred vision, the oil provides a natural solution.

Additionally, it aids in stabilizing the mind especially for a person with mental problems. Generally, the oil enhances bodily health.

For beauty skin, the oil ensures skin surface irritation is dealt with once and for all. At the same time, it improves the shining and growing of the hair.

If you are envisioned beautiful woman, your beauty lies here. Furthermore, unlike certain oils, the sesame has no embarrassing smell.

Menstrual flow, for many women, is yet another painful moment. Fortunately, without searching for painkillers, the sesame oil does the same – relieves pain.

When the flow is on and cramps follow, massage the oil below the navel and hopefully, the result will be fantastic.

The presence of vitamin E in sesame oil plays a role. It also has other essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphate.

When massaging is involved, sesame oil is the best option – it easily infiltrates the body surface to a deep surface.

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Bedroom entertainment. Sesame is good for married individuals who should be entertaining their couple better than before.

Regular usage of the oil will see increased sperm production and ‘getting aroused frequently’ is a good sign for sexual life. In short, it is good for society.

Previous studies show how sesame oil is good for hemorrhoids. Constant use of the oil decrease chances of suffering from hemorrhoid.

Additionally, bowel movement and constipation are some of the underlining issues the oil is said to address.

Heartburn is a common health condition affecting various households. This could be attributed to poor dietary life and, for some people, certain foods or habits activate the burning of the chest.

Other oils raise hydrochloric acid and as an alternative and remedy, sesame oil has no such impact.

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Parents, especially mothers should ensure they apply the oil to their school-going children. These habits, according to health experts, protect the kids from getting cold and contracting sickness from other children.

Note: sesame oil should never be given to someone with cholera symptoms.