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Wife material? Keep off from these 19 types of women

  1. If she piles dirty clothes, racks dirty shoes, comfortably sleeps on dirty sheets, sits on a dirty toilet seat, throws pads and condoms in the toilet. A dirty woman is not wife material. Don’t keep her around your home. Keep off from her.
  2. Send her to the grocery store and come back without feedback. Meaning no expenditure report or balance. Send her away from the thieve.
  3. She chews food like a cow, loudly and annoyingly like a toddler and talks with food in her mouth.
  4. This one was badly raised. You can only impact her life for the better but cannot change her former ways. A beg let her go!
  5. If she eats like a goat and is fat like a hippo, but does nothing about it, she is lazy. Weight control itself is not a walk in the park.
  6. If she has no plan in the kitchen. Cooking oil always running out. Rushes to buy salt or charcoal in the middle of cooking. No predictable kitchen budget. She piles dishes after a meal and doesn’t clear garbage. Simply, say this is disorganization.
  7. If she laughs hysterically and loudly like a madwoman. Public image matters much to any woman. Keep her at your own peril.
  8. If she has tattoos, nose rings and more rings. Envisage having such a mother for the children. How does it sound? Life should have a transition from adolescence to full maturity. Treasured adulthood is more than that.
  9. Dirty feet, crooked nails with no plan to change it. Not a keeper.
  10. If she mistreats a waitress after discontentment if she mistreats the house girl if she denigrates and yells at the neighbors’ children. She is not a keeper.
  11. If she drinks alcohol. If she smokes cigarettes. If she smokes shisha. Not a keeper.
  12. Bed-making is your woman’s pleasure. If she can’t make the bed in the morning, If she doesn’t find happiness in making the bed, or carelessly throws sheets and blankets without the keenness for finesse. Run!
  13. Never entertain disrespect. But first, Respect yourself. Have discipline. She disrespects you because you don’t respect yourself enough.
  14. Your woman works hard to please you. If she can’t cook your favorite meal if she is not working hard to learn how to cook your meal. Then do not commit. not a keeper.
  15. She wants fanfare in marriage but doesn’t want the responsibility. When you demand exceptional loyalty, she packs her stuff, let her go. She will roam the world, hit the wall, then attempt to sneak back. Demand loyalty. If not, not a keeper.
  16. If she has the penchant of secretly rummaging through your phone, wallet, closet, computer files, etc. Don’t commit.
  17. When she wakes up and the first thing is to scroll on Instagram, – to find out who has commented on her photos.
  18. If she is an Instagram siren, Loud and argumentative on social media, Abusive and abrasive, Enjoys attention on social media, not a keeper.
  19. If she worships footballers, wears their Jersey replica, Sits the whole night watching football, your babies will be raised by the housemaid. She will dump you for footballers who will in turn use and dumb her. She isn’t a keeper.