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Quitting or keeping on with an unfaithful partner


Unfaithful partner – shamelessly lying to someone you intend to share life with is not only inhuman but also selfish.

It is not only difficult to deal with an unfaithful partner but also tricky: Image Serkan Göktay

It breaks everything. Just like a tree without roots, the relationship will be baseless.

Are you respecting their feelings? Be open. This is a free world. I don’t know what to do with them if you found out they are lying. Cheating partners lie like nobody’s business.

By the way, it’s not always true what you think of them. Insecurity in a relationship has seen people feeling cheated on but in reality, nothing of that sort happened.

It might be in your head. Jealousy and love go together but let that not make feel cheated on you. Be calm religiously, find out the truth.

For a married couple, it may be easy because you know their behavior pattern. Why are you sharing phones and, all of a sudden, they changed to a ‘complicated pattern’. No longer access their phones or how they used their phone changed.

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Can you smell a rat? Set up rat traps in the house. That was just a by the way. Where people make mistakes is here – ignoring such alarms. Face your fears and let your partner know what you are thinking.

Let me help you. If what we are talking about is girlfriend/boyfriend, cheating can neither be controlled nor avoided but if you are married things could be different. Habitual patterns and movement can be tracked in marriage.

A cheating partner will always be on the defensive side whenever such matters arise.

Careless habit in terms of communication also raises an alarm. Ordinarily, when two people are in a healthy relationship full of love, communication is constant.

Imagine you are always starting the conversation, just pain in the neck.

Why are they not taking the initiative to text you first even once? They are being entertained somewhere else. They are cheating or have no feelings for you.

I won’t decide for you but such an attitude doesn’t sound good. To make matters worse, only when they need material things do they call or message you. What a parasite!

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