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Losing respect in your marriage


Respect is two-way traffic and more so in marriage, it defines a lot about the people sharing life. losing respect in your marriage is the beginning of tribulations and regrets unless you solve them.

Sometimes back I was in a mediation group – solving a marital problem. In presence of the kids, they requested separation before we intervened communally.

After being given chances to narrate their ordeal, one thing was clear – lack of mutual respect. All sides had a similar grievance.

Abuse, jealousy and absence of communication hugely contributed to uncertainty in the relation. The 7-year marriage almost ended because of no respect. Ultimately, we managed to settle the matter amicably.

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Respect in a relationship is as essential as living. When the person knows well that you love them but there is no quality time provided.

The individual no longer cares about the little things which make you happy and all that. Respect is lost here.

For some people, realizing this might take centuries and end up losing the lover for good.

The binding force between two people is respect, it adds meaning to life. For a man, protecting and providing for the woman equals maintaining respect.

Of course, it doesn’t mean being pushed to the wall when certain things cannot be obtained.

A woman, on the other hand, shouldn’t, in any way possible, cheat on her man. Commonly, it isn’t easy to trust and respect a treacherous person.

Once a trustful heart is broken, it won’t be the same again. It all starts with blatant lies. For many people, the route to end their current relationship begins with hiding the truth.

Respect is two-way traffic – if you don’t show on your end then there is no need to expect anything from them. Furthermore, as they say, respect is earned.

In your current relationship if there is no chance of gaining respect just call it off.

Before taking the extreme end decision figure out how the situation could be improved collectively.