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Addiction: How to survive without these soft drinks


I remember vividly becoming addicted to energy drinks – like drinking an average of two extreme cold bottles daily regardless of the weather.

It took me several unrelenting months to stop the habit. From experience, the struggle of going down on soft drinks is real.

It is about time to protect yourself from taking dietary drinks including soda because, as researchers suggest, their risk is a maxim.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are sweet, fizzy, refreshing and alcohol-free. They consist of carbonated water with added syrup made from sugar and fruit or plant extracts.

You need to approach the whole topic carefully by reducing your daily intake

Examples include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Diet Pepsi, Coke Zero among others. Remember excessive intake is the problem.

A new study reveals that consuming two or more glasses of soda daily increases the risk of death.

This means a person who largely consumes soda will have a higher risk of dying from any cause compared to the person who drinks less.

Just like drugs addiction you need to approach the whole topic carefully by reducing your daily intake slowly until the time you will fully stop taking these deadly soft drinks.

The aforementioned effect happens daily through the humongous consumption of soda or any other soft drinks.

Alternative drinks 

Replace the drinks with healthy fruits mixed with sparkling water. Go for mango, pawpaw or lemon among other freshly made juices. This will be the best alternative move. This one doesn’t have an addiction.

Fresh juice can take you a long way in providing bodily health benefits

Replace and reduce your sugar-craving habit by consuming fruits that contain natural sweetness instead of killing yourself with soft drinks. Even dates could be the perfect trial in this case.

Once you decide to actively stop massive consumption of soft drinks what follows in personal discipline and determination.

Like I have mentioned above, it isn’t an easy task. Engage along with friends with other useful activities in diverting the mind. Remember it is all about your life.

Try tea or coffee. The pleasure present in soda is also available in coffee, so why don’t you opt for that? Green tea, as you know, is a healthy beverage.

Ultimately carrying along with you cold bottled water is essential in preventing yourself from falling to the dangerous path of sodas.

If it doesn’t work for you, try these: add slices of fruits like oranges, watermelons or lemons.

Maybe a similar taste will save you from the pangs of soda and its dangerous content. once in a while taking soda or energy drinks is not harmful either.