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How to deal with your partner who has lost interest


Mark, not his real name couldn’t wait to tie the knot with his love. He loved her passionately and even proposed to her. Guess what, she said yes!

Love passionately if the person seems right but common challenges can be managed with sacrifice

As much as he was there for her when needed, the potential mother to his kids was equally ready and willing to support their family.

A new and healthy relationship was born, envy to most of his friends for getting such beauty with brain.

A few months down the line, Mark isn’t a happy man. His true love, the woman of his dreams, no longer cares for his feeling. No proper communication from her.

Whenever he brings the topic, she isn’t ready for discussion. Such a difficult moment for him. How can you deal with such a partner?

In the beginning, love could be a blooming, un-imaginable feeling, being on top of the world and everything seem so sweet.

The start of a love life. The feeling of happiness although. You are given all the time available. Promising future life.

Unfortunately, change, as they say, is inevitable. The most loving person, with time, changes. It will dawn on you what to do.

One side love is pulling, the other side, feeling neglected, unwanted and cheated on is pushing. The question is, what can you do to win your love again?

Give them time. Life may not be fair all the time. Patience pays, they say. The bleeding heart couldn’t wait longer but am not preparing you for future regret.

In short, give them the benefit of the doubt. Something could be holding your love’s ransom.

Going through hard times or stress wouldn’t enable them to concentrate on the relationship. In this regard play your role. Be there with life support including encouragement, of course, after you identify the problem they are going through.

Unluckily, the problem could be emanating from you, who knows? Whatever the case, give them space – the one we call personal space.

There is freedom in love and vice versa. With breathing space, they could be calling or texting anxiously.

They don’t want to lose you, after all. You could be receiving lessons because you took their passionate love for granted. Humble yourself till acceptance happens.

The obsession that comes with love isn’t negligible. Love passionately if the person seems right but common challenges can be managed with sacrifice. Fall down, stand up and fight for what is yours, regardless.

With the ecstasy and excitement, remember, you are dealing with a human being, prone to change. Good things come in small packages. Figure out solely where the sudden or gradual personal behaviour change is coming from.

Focus on getting back the love rather than regretting what happened. Call and text to find out if the relationship has a sense of repair or whether it has reached the wall.

Unfortunately, they could have as well moved on with their lives, nobody knows. As the shoe wearer, you know where it pinches most. Having shared love moments you can easily get hints on what the result could be.

Priority matters a lot. Maybe you are no longer a priority. With all tangible outcomes leading to such a route, sorry but decide! It is easier said than done, I agree with you but life must move on.

In supporting yourself during a breakup take a few initiatives such as being close to your hobbies. Time heals.

See this. Your love could be recovering from previous heartbreak. Envision this, your boyfriend or girlfriend has been dumped and in the process of healing, you happened to be on the recovering path.

At some point, their ‘lost love’ came back. First love rarely ends and in this context, they decided to withdraw with their hearts. Is this victim of circumstance or time?

Love itself is taking risks. By the way, it happened to people before.

Don’t take love law into your hearts and move on without checking to the core. If the person isn’t communicating it’s difficult to conclude their intention but whatever means you go look for enough evidence.

I know someone will complain of not getting calls or messages from their lovers for days – probably less than a week.

On extreme ends, people go mute for weeks to months but it entirely depends on whether you want the relationship to go on.

As much as love is sweet it also has its bitter side. No communication for, let’s say three days, and here you are saying, it is over. Over to where?

Fighting or disagreeing, whatever you call it, in a relationship depends on how partners are willing to solve their issues.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine having a third party involved in my relationship with someone with whom we can sort out our disputes. And am sure many will agree.

Wait a minute, do you invite other hearts when loving your ‘better half’. No, you don’t.

You are in a better position to call and parade what is eating you inside instead you decide to call a third party – a friend or family member – to talk on your behalf, what are you insinuating?

I say stop it! If you are married, it makes the matter worse, without fear or favour, shame on you for involving other people in your love affair. Carry your cross, openly discuss with your partner.

If it happened to you, how have you dealt with it? Let us know.