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Tiffaney Malott: The best 4 ways of overcoming life struggle


The first step is to stop feeling sorry for yourself or your future because you are not doing yourself or your future any good by throwing a pity party.

I have had phases in my life where I could have felt sorry for myself. Building in this profession over the years, I’ve been a single woman trying to get a man.

I’ve been a girlfriend trying to keep a man. I’ve been a wife dealing with a man and now I’m a divorced single mom without a man.

But don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t feel sorry for myself because if I had felt sorry for myself in any of those phases in my career, I would not be who I am today and that is a seven-figure earning Network Marketer, so don’t feel sorry for yourself.

The second thing is to embrace the pain. Look you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, and you can’t go around it you can only go through it.

And I can hear some of you saying right now, you just don’t know my pain and I don’t know your pain but I will give a little snippet of mine.

In 2013, I lost my mum and in 2014 I lost my sister and in 2015 I lost my husband and in 2016, I spent all of the year trying to make that official.

And I can tell you I know pain but let me just share this. I had to use my personal development. I had to say you’ve got to stop avoiding this and instead have to accept and go through the pain.

And you know what? A better version of me waiting on the other side and I am excited now that I can look at myself and be proud that I have made it through a dark time in my life. And if you embrace the pain, you’ll be able to do the same thing too.

The third thing I want to share with you is – don’t compare. The comparison is the will make you resentful, bitter, jealous and unproductive. Many of us look at other people but ladies we’re looking at other women.

Comparing our car to theirs, comparing our business to theirs and comparing relationships to their relationship.

Don’t compare because, ladies, the woman you think her life is better than yours, her lashes, nails and hair is fake just like your boo so don’t even worry about it.

The fourth and final thing is to get excited. Don’t just get excited about where you’re going but where you are right now. Bad situations and all.

If you are facing the biggest fight of your life get excited about that because God doesn’t give little fights and doesn’t give big fights to little soldiers and if you’re facing a big fight means you have grown up into the armor that you are ready to wear, that only he knew you were ready to wear. I just want you really quick to get excited.

Get excited because you’re the creator of your destiny. The artist of your masterpiece and the author of your story. Get excited because the world is going to be who you really are. That is kind, caring, compassionate, strong and bold.

Tiffaney Mallot is an Author and Entrepreneur