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Can a man and a woman just be friends without a romantic relationship?


Sara, a teenager, loved her boyfriend so much. They have been dating for several years. She trusted him blindly. Later on, she found out that her boyfriend had a love affair with her best female friend whom she trusted.

In fact, they were seeing each other for several months and even slept in her own bed without an iota of shame. After confronting he confirmed and apologized.

Totally devastated, she couldn’t imagine how the closest people of her life humiliated her love life. The least she expected.

Our question today emanates from this painful moment of Sara where her lover and friend, who were friends ended up dating and getting intimate.

We give chance to people on the issue. By the end of the article, you will be in a better position to reach a conclusion. Without any form of intimacy or romantic contact can – a man and a woman – be friends?

Here are what people think otherwise: we quoted comments of certain people whom we haven’t shared their names here.

Yes, it’s possible, so long as both parties agree on one thing – that they are just friends. Intimacy comes in when the lady starts depending on the man for things like lunch, fare and other requirements”.

“Yes! I have a friend of mine, a lady with whom we have been friends for a long time. We respect each other. We talk about anything including sexual stuff but due to respect, I can’t develop feelings on her”.

“This one depends on how strong is the female friend is. A male is very weak. He will always insist to get into action and ladies can bear witness”.

“Why not? I have a female friend with whom we have been in a friendship relationship for two years without affection. We hung out, take photos together and tour around together”.

“Women keep platonic friends in case she’s left with a broken heart. The platonic man friend is the next guy”.

“Having a female friend is like using sugarcane as a walking stick. At one point you’ll have to “chew” it”!

“Yes. It’s possible, especially if the man is not attractive to the lady. She will be able to control the friendship but she should avoid asking for favors”.

“Depends on the maturity of both parties. If still teens it’s impossible because they can’t think beyond lovingness relationship”.

“The lady should set boundaries and avoid entertaining the man like chatting for 24 hours and having late-night calls. Otherwise, the friendship will lead to something else.

In any relationship, be it friendship or couples, ladies are the drivers. She is the one to determine what happens in terms of emotions and feelings”.

“On behalf of all the real men outside there, there is no way we, men (99 percent of us) can keep a lady as a friend for a very long period without asking for something. We are not always the cause but even our female friends also ask for it”.

Bottom line: from the above comments, we can deduce that women are the sole drivers of such friendships. If they say no, it will remain no.

Maturity, on the other hand, plays a key role. We also need to include aspects of professionalism – where career persons stay in the same field.

However, in most cases, a man cannot befriend a woman without asking for extra favors and vice versa.

Do you still maintain your stand of saying yes or no? Let us know your stand on this.