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14 men speak: It is okay for grown-up men to cry?


Societal stereotype strictly relates emotional expression such as crying to feminism. ‘Boys don’t cry’ and ‘be a man’ is tangible evidence in support of this old adage adopted by various societies.

The question has been tossed to men and here is their thought.

“We cry. I cried too sometimes back. Let’s not pretend at all. Some issues coming along life make you cry all alone. I am a victim. You learn, unlearn, relearn and say yes to new experiences in life. Life is very mysterious”

“Crying doesn’t show weakness. Crying is an emotional thing and sometimes it’s good to cry to free yourself from the pain”.

“After an infant level, not even my mom’s burial, I’ve never seen my tears coming as a way of expressing my emotions. Never in a man’s life”.

“But emotions in men are expressed in several ways according to my best of my knowledge”

“Yes strong men don’t cry but a little drop of tears won’t harm. In fact shedding tears is another way of expressing or relieving stress and it heals some pain”.

“You have never gone through an excruciating pain multiple times in a relationship, that it will make you just pour it profusely, to cry is to relieve pain and I don’t brag on that”.

“Crying doesn’t mean that a man is weak. We also go through some situations in life that make us cry, I cry and feel better after that”.

“You are supposed to cry on one condition. Cry out of faith not out of fear of failure and when you need to cry, cry to God. But tears of fear and failure should never come across to a man”.

“Sincerely speaking I do cry. Sometimes just to get myself out of a quarrel with my wife and a time to get her attention and sympathy because I know that’s her weakness. She can’t stand me crying”.

“Honestly, men are human beings too; they are susceptible to hurt or pain. Yes they are expected to be stronger than women and maybe they are made of different stuff but they too are prone to feel agony.

As much as they may not be expected to be crying often like women, shedding tears once in a while isn’t a crime. It is normal and human”.

“Tears are very helpful to a human body, well, it’s naturally hard for a man to cry but it’s not strict that a man is not supposed to cry, he can cry, but he cannot wail like punk, just tears”.

“Shedding emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins. These chemicals make people feel good and may also ease both physical and emotional pain. In this way, crying can help reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being”.

“I did sometimes back but that doesn’t make me less of a man or son of a lesser god. Things happen and you find yourself just breaking in tears. It’s very normal for any mankind”.

“Mostly in African culture, men have been raised and nurtured in a way that they should man up and should not express their emotions openly which end up becoming uncontrollable.

The double standards in society that men shouldn’t cry to me it’s out of modest. I always cry out my anger, frustrations, anxieties and fears if circumstances aren’t bearable. Crying helps one to ventilate and have clear irrational thoughts”.

As a man can you cry or expect another male gender to do the same? Talk to us.