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10 Healthy benefits of exercising in the morning


The morning exercise helps us to accelerate the metabolism, regulate our appetite, release endorphins, and we will feel less stressed throughout the day

These are some of the arguments that explain why exercise early in the morning will make you feel better.

  1. In the morning, greater results are obtained by exercising at the end of the day

Technically, our body performs better in the afternoon. The problem with exercising in the afternoon, is that after a full day of work is very likely that you do not feel like exercising and then you end up jumping.

If you turn the sport in the morning into your routine, it is much less likely that you skip it to fulfill other (after all, at 7 in the morning there are not many things to do).

  1. You will feel less stressed at work

According to scientific studies, people who exercise regularly feel more energized at work and can endure more hours without experiencing fatigue.

  1. In the morning you can burn more fat

There are many opinions about the pros and cons of doing sports on an empty stomach. A recent study suggested that the human body burn 20% more fat by exercising in the morning before the first meal of the day (breakfast).

  1. You start the day with a good mood

Even if you wake up with your left foot, exercising in the morning will make you release endorphins so that you are smiling all day.

  1. In the morning we have more energy than in the afternoon

After a good night of rest we will have batteries much more than charged at the end of the workday in the afternoon.

  1. You feel fulfilled

You cannot achieve anything all day and still feel like you have fulfilled. After all you have run 5 km … is not that enough?

  1. After sports, healthy food is more appetizing

After having started the day with such a good foot, healthy food will be much more appetizing.

  1. Morning coffee can improve the performance of your physical training

Scientific studies carried out on the subject, suggest that caffeine before exercise, promotes speed, endurance and quality of exercise in general. In addition, caffeine also helps burn calories at the end of the exercise.

  1. It helps to whet your appetite for breakfast

There are studies that prove that having breakfast in the morning helps us make better decisions throughout the day.

  1. You will not have anything to fear for the rest of the day

Since things can only get better … No more sweating, or fatigue, or redness, or climbing



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