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12 Tips to recover quickly from a cold


Most cold symptoms disappear in one or two weeks, but here are some tips to recover faster.

  1. Stay at home

Your body needs time and energy to fight the infection, so the best thing is that for a few days you stay at home and rest.

Besides helping you with recovery, it also prevents you from infecting other people.

  1. Hydrate

High fever, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea cause fluid loss, and the body needs to replace them.

The water is most suitable, but you also have other options like tea or juices. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

  1. Sleep as much as you can

Sleeping is the best medicine for your body.

  1. Eat healthy

You need to recover from the cold.

The fresh fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your immune system is stronger and better fight the cold.

  1. Add moisture to the air

Dry air can make your symptoms worse.

With a vaporizer or humidifier you add air to the air and this can help you improve nasal congestion.

  1. Medications

Analgesics help reduces fever, headache and body aches.

For example, ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Decongestants that help clear the nasal passages and relief pressure in the sinuses congestion.

Cough suppressants to relief dry or irritative cough.

Expectorants help to lighten mucus and productive cough (with mucus).

Antihistamines tend to have sedative effects that can help you sleep.

  1. Elderberry

It is a complementary therapy that has been used for years in the treatment of colds and flu.

It helps reduce fever, headache, muscle aches, nasal congestion and cough.

You can find it as pills, capsules or syrup.

  1. Honey

A natural remedy to soothe sore throat and cough.

You can take a teaspoon of honey, and if you mix it with an infusion it will help keep you hydrated and highlight the symptoms of the flu.

  1. Positive attitude

It will not help you improve nasal congestion, fever or discomfort, but maintaining a positive attitude can help you speed up your recovery.



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