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Male Birth Control Pill Is Now Ready


Many years passed so that the contraceptive pill for men passed the safety and tolerability tests with healthy men, as proved by a study done by the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) and the University of Washington.

The male contraceptive pill, clinically known as 11-beta-MNTDC, is a testosterone that combines androgen and progesterone substances.

The study involved 40 healthy men aged 18 to 50 years who were given doses of 200 to 400 milligrams.

Ten participants received a placebo pill randomly. The other 30 men took 11-beta-MNTDC in one of two doses: 14 men received 200 milligrams and 16 received a dose of 400 milligrams.

They all took the drug once a day for 28 days.

Those who received 11-beta-MNTDC, markedly decreased their average testosterone level (decreased to a level of a sterile person) due to androgen deficiency and, even so, the participants did not experience any serious side effects, only a slight headache, fatigue and acne.

The effects of the pill were reversible after stopping treatment.

Christina Wang, principal investigator, said the investigation lasted 28 days, so they will conduct longer studies to verify the optimal suppression of sperm, which is why the contraceptive pill for men is not yet on sale.

“Safe and reversible male hormonal contraception should be available in about 10 years,” says Wang.


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