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6 Amazing uses of eggshell You will never throw it away again


If you discovered that the eggshell has many really surprising uses, you would not throw it away again after making a few scrambled eggs!

And yes, it is a gold mine that most people throw away without thinking about their benefits and believe that it is only garbage or that it only serves to throw it to the seedlings as fertilizer.

The egg shell is composed of 90 percent calcium carbonate.

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Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement that is used when the amount of calcium consumed is not enough, calcium carbonate is also used as an antacid to relieve heartburn, point to the egg shell!

These are the amazing uses of the eggshell:

Control pests in the garden:

If you have snails and they became an annoyance for you, you can put pieces of eggshell on the soil of your plants and they will disappear. This way you will keep the flowers of your garden safe from this plague.

Strengthener of nails: Yes, you read well! The egg shell is very good to improve the appearance of our nails, you just have to crush it well until it becomes dust, then add it to your glazes and when you paint your nails you will be strengthening, you will never have brittle nails!

Nail strengthener

Bandage to heal 100% natural wounds: Inside, the egg shell has a very thin membrane composed of collagen and calcium; If you ever cut yourself remember gently remove this tissue from the egg shell and apply it on your wound, it will help you to regenerate the skin 100 percent natural way.

Clothe washing

Forget about chlorine, if you throw some eggshells in a mesh bag to the washing machine, the white clothes will be free of stains without damaging the fabric of your clothes.

Bleach clothes and forget about chlorine

Anti-wrinkle ally: Crush the eggshells until it is pulverized and pour it into the ice cube trays, add water and freeze, once you have the ice cubes rub them on your face and in a few months the most superficial wrinkles will begin to fade.

Eliminate the remains of food

The next time you touch wash the trates use eggshells on the surface of pots and pans, the food more glued will be easy to remove without having to battle with the broom.

As you could tell, the egg shell is a marvel and a perfect ally for housework, did you already know the many uses you can give at home?

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