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5 Signs that your partner is satisfied after sex




A healthy relationship requires a satisfactory sex life, so make sure that not only you but your partner is satisfied in privacy is very important.


When your partner is receiving enough sexual satisfaction it is noticed and when not, it shows more. Therefore we tell you how to identify the signs that indicate if your partner is enjoying it or not.


Signs that your partner is satisfied in privacy


sexual satisfaction differs in each person because everyone has particular needs but it is important to know how to achieve it to have a full and above all, healthy sexuality.


Many have the doubt of if their partner is pleased with the sexual performance they have and if you are one of them, we tell you the keys you should evaluate.


  1. Groans


Moans may be the clearest sign of sexual enjoyment, but you should pay attention to identify if they are false or real.


Evaluate the intensity of your partner’s moan and the moment

To recognize a real moan, observe other signs, such as the color of her cheeks or if you dig your fingers into your body at the same time that she moans. Another sign is that the voice becomes hoarse and deep.


  1. Returns the pleasure


When you give your best to satisfy your partner and she or he likes it, I will most likely want to return the favor.


She can be more affectionate and she will want to reward you with something you like very much, such as oral sex without asking her.


  1. Want more


When sex is good and satisfying it is obvious that we seek to repeat, if your partner is satisfied, he will want to do it again and again.


  1. Do not make excuses


After sex, did your partner make excuses not to do it again? Mind you, it could be a sign that you did not like what happened the last time.


On the contrary, if he insinuated that he wants to have sex with you again, it is definitely because he enjoys being in intimacy with you.

  1. He is happy


When the couple is sexually satisfied they cannot see it, happiness will be noticed at first sight.


He will be smiling and radiant after his sexual encounters, which is difficult to pretend.


If you identified with all these signals, very well, you are learning to know what your partner loves.


But do not worry if you feel that you need a little more to be an expert, just ask your partner to tell you how to touch her and where in her body she enjoys it most.



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