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5 Benefits Of Bathing In A Couple


Elevates intimacy


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Sharing the shower with the person you love will make you feel closer to her. In the shower we can feel very vulnerable and if you share this moment with your partner, the connection between you will become more intimate than ever.


Remember that intimacy is one of the pillars of a good relationship.


Add variety to sex


Bathing in a couple helps to improve sexual relations and to enjoy more in bed.


In addition, it allows you to have a different moment of passion than usual, which breaks with the monotony and will help you discover new pleasurable sexual positions.


It’s sensual


Although it may take a little practice, having sex in the shower will add a lot of passion to the relationship.


Soaping your partner can help you find new erogenous zones in your body and can be an excellent prelude to sex.



It’s fun


Laughing during sex is one of the best ways to increase sexual pleasure and intimacy as a couple.


Bathing as a couple can lead to many comical situations, such as splashing your partner or behaving like children in the shower, whatever helps them laugh and create beautiful memories.


Eliminate insecurities


Bathing together is very intimate and private, so by doing so you will be telling your partner that you will care a lot and you will be eliminating all the insecurities that exist between you.


Strengthens commitment and helps love grow stronger.

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