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Doctors find cockroach living in a woman’s head


Selvie’s case, surely, she was left traumatized  including her own doctor. This employee of the Indian home was peacefully sleeping in her house, when suddenly, she got up because she felt a slight tingling in her nose, as the newspaper La Vanguardia says.

Soon, she noticed something entering through the nostrils, but Selvie was still going to have a feeling that would definitely take her to the doctor

Before such a strange sensation, the doctor decided to perform a brain scan, in order to determine what was happening.

And what the doctor found was overwhelming: a cockroach was walking around the brain, alive, inside his brain right at the base, where there is a hole separated by a bone in the back of the eyes:

“Every Once it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes, “she said. According to the local media, the insect would have been hovering around 12 hours before being intervened.

After such an impressive discovery, the doctor decided to proceed to extirpate the insect, but not before assuming that in 30 years of experience he had never found something similar.

The surgical intervention lasted about 45 minutes to save the life of the 42 year old woman.

At least, Selvie was lucky. According to the doctor who made the intervention, if she had  not rushed to the hospital, she could have died as a result of the infection that the cockroach’s corpse would have originated throughout the brain.


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