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6 techniques to make your ex jealous


It seems that you did not overcome the breakup of a couple and you want to return with your ex. It happens in all the families, but we ask you to think about it a thousand and one times before putting in practice some techniques that work to recover your ex, especially if it is about jealousy.

Why? Because jealousy is a double-edged sword and because maybe your ex is not what you deserve. Surely you deserve something better.

Strategies for your ex to die of jealousy

Be that as it may, we are with you. And if you want to make your ex jealous, we will propose the most effective techniques.

  1. Act as if you had already overcome the rupture

If you find your ex on the street or in a bar, you will have to hide your desire to pull your neck. Take out your acting skills and talk to him (not a lot of time) as if he were another acquaintance. Well-known, not ex-boyfriend, not love of your life, not friend.

  1. Ignore him completely

They say that the greatest disdain is not to appreciate and that is why many people opt for the technique of ignoring. Ignore your ex, do not answer their calls (in case they call you), or their messages. If you have broken, act as if it did not exist.

This is called zero contact and if it does not work to bring it back to you, it will work for you to overcome the break faster. In any case, you win.

  1. Make your life and let it be known

Replacing after a break is not easy and you may feel weak to rebuild your life, go back out partying, recover your dreams and your hobbies or change routines. If you do not do it for you, do it for that possibility of making your ex jealous when you see that you lead to better life than you had with him.

  1. Social networks, your great allies

Social networks, with Facebook and Instagram at the head, will be your allies when it comes to jealousy. It is permissible to lie and exaggerate about the happiness that overwhelms you and how intense and fun your life is now that you are not with it. Uploading photos with friends is fine, but your ex will be more impacted by a loving photo with a single friend.

  1. The WhatsApp will also help you

Another of your allies comes from new technologies and is WhatsApp. That application that so many troubles can give in couple, also fulfills the same function in case of rupture. Put a picture of hearts and an inspiring phrase, mix between love for life and new illusion. And wait because soon you will receive a message from your ex that will take at least 12 hours to answer.

  1. Ignore you in the networks!

We continue with social networks and continue in ignoring mode. Maybe your ex is doing the same as you and upload photos with great girls you do not know and is sticking to dream trips. Do not give him a like, that your life does not come or go.

With these techniques, it will be enough for your ex to react, his whole interior will stir and he wants to return with you. But be careful because jealousy is a double-edged sword and can cause you to feel hurt and that all you want is to overcome the break and forget about you forever.

And let’s be honest. Jealousy, besides being dangerous, is dirty play. Is anything good when it comes to looking for a second chance at love? We let you answer But before answering if everything is worth it or not, consider the real reasons why you want to recover your ex.


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