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7 Health benefits and properties of aloe vera


Aloe vera, which is better known as aloe, provides many benefits that are not only about beauty, but health.

Among the properties of aloe are found to be soothing, healing, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory (excellent for treating acne problems), is cleansing, detoxifying, promotes digestion, works as an antiviral, contains amino acids, regulates glucose of the organism , it contributes to a large amount of enzymes and is even considered a dietary supplement.

What is aloe good for?


This plant has properties that help regulate the body’s glucose and that’s why it is considered an antidiabetic. In addition to this, it helps reduce cholesterol and improve circulation.

Digestive problems

This plant that helps eliminate germs harmful to the digestive system, also helps absorb nutrients and acts as a rebuilder of the intestinal flora and is effective in attacking the bacteria that causes ulcers, among many more.


It also helps asthma and acts as a dilator for the bronchi. This plant is indicated to fight respiratory problems and significantly reduces asthma.


For the skin this plant is one of the best known, since it has antiseptic agents that disinfect the skin and help to eliminate dead cells to achieve a young and healthy skin. In addition, it helps to eliminate scars and soothes the pain of burns and irritations caused by acne.

Upload the defenses

In addition to its previous properties, it is excellent for improving defenses by its polysaccharides, which are responsible for stimulating macrophages that are better known as white cells and are responsible for fighting the viruses that enter our body.

Eliminates fat

This plant contains 22 amino acids, of which 8 are essential for the organism. Along with this, it helps to cleanse and eliminate everything that the body does not require, eliminating the accumulated fat in the body that is unnecessary.


The inflammation is produced by arachidonic acid, which this plant helps reduce. It can be used orally or as a topic on the area that is affected.


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