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7 Benefits of sleeping with an onion on your feet


Many times we have heard about the multiple benefits that onion has for our health, both internal and external, but few know how to use it to have great results.

Some people believe that it is an esoteric ritual, but it is not so. The onion is an amazing anti-flu and an ally for the immune system

Why should the onion be placed on the feet?

According to specialists, the feet have nerve endings that connect with different organs of our body and, when stimulated through absorption, bring various health benefits.

To use it, you have to slice an onion, no matter if it is white or purple, and put it on the arch of your feet, to hold it you can use a bandage or stockings. Remember that these should not be tight to avoid circulation problems.

But what are the benefits of onion in the body?

  1. It promotes the elimination of toxins.
  2. Eliminates the bad smell of the feet caused by the shoes.
  3. Improves blood circulation.
  4. Help fight infections.
  5. Hydrates the skin.
  6. Clean the blood.
  7. Strengthens the immune system.

You could be thinking about the smell that onion will leave on your feet, but calm that only with plenty of water, perfumed soap and cream you can eliminate those strong smells.


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