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How men fake orgams


Studies show that many women fake the orgasm, but very little is known about whether men do, the study of Muehlenhard and Shippee of the University of Kansas, USA

The purpose of the study was to investigate how and why men fake orgasm and what men and women report when they talk about their sexual experiences and orgasm functions within them.

We studied 180 men and 101 university-aged women, where 85% of men and 68% of women reported experiencing heterosexual sex. They answered a questionnaire in which of that 28% of men had faked orgasm at some point in their lives and that 67% of women also.

Most sham orgasms occurred during vaginal sex, but it was also reported to happen during oral sex, manual stimulation and telephone sex.

One of the main reasons why she faked an orgasm was because they wanted to end the sexual relationship and wanted to avoid the negative consequences or hurt the feelings of their partner. If they pretend an orgasm, a positive reaction is obtained, which is to please the couple, the volunteers reported.

The findings suggest that these behaviors stem from stereotypes of gender roles where it is believed that women must have an orgasm before men, and that men are responsible for female orgasms.


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