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Spider Bites That Cause Erections


Spider venom, better than Viagra?

If we told you that the scientists found that a spider’s venom causes an erection of hours, what would you think? Well this is a reality.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reveals the existence of a banana spider (Phoneutria nigriventer), is a species of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, which is the size of the palm of one hand, has four reddish eyes, pincers that they come out of his mouth and hairy and thick legs.

It causes many accidents a year and victims usually respond well to the antidote.


Respiratory problems (suffocation, tachycardia, paralysis, sweating) and something very unusual: a painful erection of several hours, which could cause sexual impotence.

Experts investigate its effects to produce a drug based on this poison, which helps men with erectile dysfunction, without side effects. Cool! Do not you think?


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