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These Condoms warn you when in contact with STIs


Imagine that your condom warns you if you are in contact with any sexually transmitted disease. Can you imagine it? This could be possible very soon, thanks to the work of three English teenagers.

Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah, students of the Isaac Newton Academy School in London, are the creators of the ST EYE, a condom that changes color depending on the illness you encounter when having sex.

The condom, better known as semaphore condom, is created with a molecule that can be put on a specific tone when a virus is attached and alerts as follows:

  1. -Green did have friction with chlamydia
  2. -Yellow yes it was with herpes
  3. -Blue for syphilis
  4. -Morado before the human papillomavirus

The purpose of this semaphore condom is that you can know more easily, without the invasive methods of doctors, that you have a sexual illness and thus be able to treat it in time.

This scientific project that gave the three boys the first place in the youth entrepreneurship contest at the Teen Tech Awards, is ready to be put into practice and now it is only expected that an investor is interested to launch it on the market.

Remember that a well-placed condom can save your life. Beware!


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