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Main differences between female and male pleasure


The main difference between female and male pleasure, which is reflected in most couples, is the time taken to reach the peak of excitement, ie the orgasm.

And according to gynecologist William Masters and sexologist Virginia Johnson, 75% of men achieve orgasm after two minutes or less of stimulation, while they need approximately 20 minutes.

Different sensations

From a physical perspective it is easy to recognize when you have reached the maximum pleasure unlike women. In them it is evident through ejaculation, although it does not always occur at the same time as the orgasm, this may take a few minutes.

Differences between female and male pleasure

In women it is difficult to determine the exact moment they reach the climax, although the sensations of pleasure invade the entire body, there are those who have not yet learned to identify them. And most do not present a physical signal, such as the expulsion of liquid or something similar.

Another of the great differences in female and male pleasure is the frequency with which orgasm occurs. An investigation by the University of Chicago reveals that 75% of men reach the climax in their sex life, while only 50% of women achieve it.

However, pleasure lasts less to them. The male climax lasts approximately between three and eight seconds, and the female climax around 13 to 51 seconds. In addition, it is easier for them to have multiple orgasms in a short period of time.

To achieve maximum pleasure there is a substantial difference in men and women: feelings. In such a way that psychological and emotional problems are able to completely inhibit female sexual satisfaction, which is not the case with men.

Influential brain

On the other hand, in an article from the University of Granada, she points out that the female sexual response is driven from the right side of the hypothalamus, while in men it arises from the left side. What makes a difference in pleasure signals.


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