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Negative Effects Of Obesity Experienced During Sex


Obese people are less likely to enjoy sex, says Dr. Martin Binks of Duke University, where I’ve conducted a behavioral study on more than a thousand obese people on campus.

The research indicates that people have 25 times more problems in bed than people with a healthy weight. Some people even reported that they avoided having sex completely.

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Half of the people who attend the Fitness and Diet Center of the University in search of obesity treatment say that they regularly have a lack of sexual desire, compared to only 2% that non-obese people reported. Four out of ten obese people said they had physical problems during sex, 41% said they avoided having sex at all.

The clinical psychologist Jorge Torres-Saenz indicates that the problems of losing sexual desire are due in large part to the existence of an image that promotes a culture in which we must be thin, especially in women.

“People absorb these messages and when they gain weight they begin with their body image and therefore have doubts about how attractive they are.” sexual desire. ”

Although the percentage of people reporting problems in bed according to the study is high, other research suggests that people who are overweight do not mention having such problems, Torres-Saenz said.

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