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7 Foods that you should not eat if you want to be healthier


Eating healthier is not complicated. You only have to know how to reduce or eliminate those foods that it is better not to eat if you want to be healthier. A diet rich in vegetables, cereals, fruits and fish is the best for not developing different diseases. Thanks to avoid its intake, we can have a stronger heart, reduce cholesterol, reduce obesity and lose weight.

Therefore, you do not need to diet , if not strictly dictated by the doctor to be increasingly healthy. Simply change our habits. We start? Well, take note when it comes to knowing what you should not eat.


The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) recommends that sugar does not exceed 5% of the calories in the diet, which means consuming about 25 grams a day that would equal about six clods. And many foods also have added sugars, so without knowing it, we will be consuming a large amount of it. We recommend replacing it with stevia and other natural sweeteners.


As a rule, we usually consume almost twice the amount of salt allowed per day. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking 5 grams, or what is the same: 2.5 grams of sodium. So we must reduce its intake, present in many foods.

Cold cuts and sausages

They provide a lot of saturated fats, nothing good for the body, in addition to a lot of salt. The result is an increase in cholesterol and a risk of coronary heart disease.

Pre-cooked food

We eat more than we think. And some of the foods that we must reduce to be healthier are precisely this type of food, which in the long run, can seriously harm our health.


They provide a large amount of sugar and gas. With this they give us many totally unnecessary calories. It is convenient to avoid them, reduce them and switch to teas, infusions and obviously drink water.


They are loaded with bad fats, sugars and salt. They do not contribute practically minerals and vitamins, unless we do them at home, with a good dough, and adding healthy foods.

Bag snacks

They are good, they do not satiate and they hook. This is because they add all kinds of unhealthy additives. They also carry a lot of sodium and saturated fats. We must reduce its consumption to a large extent.


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