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5 Kidney Signs You Should Not Ignore


There are different kidney diseases, depending on whether it is normal or chronic, among others. Each one will have different signs, some of which are usually common. It is important to stop before them, because if there are failures in the kidneys , some functions of the body are not performed correctly.

Among the symptoms of kidney diseases are changes in urine, either by quantity, frequency or appearance. Let’s see some of them.

Fluid retention

The functions of the kidneys are based on the filtration, in the form of urine, of excess water and toxins that are produced in the body. When there is fluid retention, it could be a symptom of kidney disease and should be solved. We usually see it because parts of the body swell, like the legs, hands or ankles.

Fatigue and fatigue

As a result of the previous sign, episodes of fatigue and fatigue occur. This symptom can be many other diseases or only temporary problems, but be alert to see that everything is fine.

Changes in urine

They are usually one of the first symptoms that explain that we can suffer from kidney disease. Initially, there may be changes in urination, that is, frequent urination when it was not before, and this also includes doing it with a different amount than normal.

While we can also see changes in the appearance of urine, especially in color. Before any change that occurs in the urine, it is important to inform our doctor to avoid major problems.

Itchy skin

Pruritus can occur due to the retention of toxins that can be deposited on the skin. It is another warning sign that explains kidney disease.

When kidney disease is chronic

In this case, there are many other symptoms, perhaps more serious. Muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, loss of hunger, difficulty breathing, having trouble sleeping, belly aches, diarrhea, fever … in any case, it is common sense that when something goes wrong we go to the doctor so that we do an exploration and diagnose us. Then apply the appropriate treatment according to each case.


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