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Scientists announce second cured patient of HIV


Scientists from the United Kingdom claim to have cured a sick person with The  Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV), according to the New York Times.

If this recovery is confirmed, we would be talking about the second person in history who manageD to cure himself of the fearsome virus.

The scientists referred to the patient as ‘London’ in part because their case is similar to the first one who managed to recover from AIDS.

After receiving a bone marrow transplant from an HIV-resistant donor, the virus began to recede, the doctors said.

Nearly 12 years ago doctors achieved the first remission of the virus, announcing it as ‘ the end of the epidemic’.

The researchers will publish their report on Tuesday in the journal Nature where they will present more details of ‘the cure’.

The scientists describe the case as a long-term remission.

Despite the expectations they have generated, researchers are reserved to call it a ‘cure’ because only two cases have been reported where the virus was destroyed by patients.

Both milestones resulted from bone marrow transplants administered to infected patients. But the transplants were meant to treat cancer in patients, not HIV.

There are no viruses there that we can measure. We cannot detect anything, “said Ravindra Gupta, an HIV professor and biologist who led a team of doctors treating the man to the New York Times.

The AIDS pandemic has killed around 35 million people worldwide since its inception in the 1980s and around 37 million people are infected with HIV.

The first ‘cured’ patient of AIDS is the American Timothy Brown, who underwent an experimental treatment in 2007 that caused the virus to regress and confirming to date that he is free of the disease.

In those years Brown was named as ‘Patient of Berlin’, that’s why on this occasion he held the pseudonym ‘Patient of London’.


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