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5 Types of edible mushrooms and how to identify them


The edible mushrooms are delicious food and also very versatile.

There are many people fond of mycology who go in search of mushrooms in the field. Well, it is important to differentiate between those edible and poisonous mushrooms .

It is essential never to consume a mushroom that has not been perfectly identified. Otherwise, there is a high risk of poisoning .

How to identify edible mushrooms?

The first aspect to consider are the gills. It is important to avoid those whose gills are white. The edible mushrooms are characterized by having brown or toasted gills.

Next, you have to look at the hat and the stem. If they are red, it means that the mushroom in question is poisonous.

It is also important to observe the hat. Those mushrooms that have scales on the hat, as well as spots, almost certainly are poisonous. Therefore, we must avoid them.

And finally, the toxic mushrooms have a ring around the stem . Therefore, you have to look under the hat and look for this ring.

5 most popular edible mushrooms

Wild mushroom

This type of mushroom is one of the most consumed edible mushrooms

It has a white hat, which in some cases tends towards a grayish tone.

In terms of size, it ranges from 3 to 12 centimeters in diameter. Both its flavor and its smell are very pleasant.

Edible Ticket

Also known as mushroom, it is a mushroom with a sweet flavor. It is whitish, although as it ages it tends toward brown.


An edible mushroom also very common, especially for its delicious flavor. It is easy to identify because it has a very characteristic hat, convex and very fleshy.

It can reach 15 centimeters in diameter and is orange in color, sometimes with green spots.

Black truffle

The black truffle is a mushroom of color between brown and black. Its main characteristic is the warty surface. It has a great value in gastronomy.


One of the edible mushrooms easier to identify because its hat is funnel-shaped. It is yellow and has a series of sheets in the form of folds. It has a slightly fruity flavor and is very fleshy, with a slight bitter touch.


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