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4 Nutrients needed to boost your memory


If we do not eat properly, our brain suffers. So we need nutrients in neurons in order to reactivate memory, coordination and learning, among many other factors.

There are a number of nutrients that are good for our brain to function properly and all this comes from having a good diet.

When we lead a more balanced lifestyle, which involves eating healthier and also exercising, then our memory improves. Let’s see what nutrients are necessary for this.

Omega-3 fatty acids

It is one of the best nutrients for neurons to be better. Omega 3 not only offers benefits in our body but also in our brain.

Among the foods that contain more fatty acids are blue fish, such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. But there are other foods with Omega 3 like nuts and also flax seeds.


Taking nutrients rich in antioxidants is also a good idea to nourish neurons. Here we include fruits and nuts, vegetables and legumes rich in antioxidants.

Foods with vitamin C

They are also powerful antioxidants, in addition to protect us from more than one cold. It is recommended to take a daily amount of vitamin C between 60 and 100 mg.

An example we have in citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon, but there are more foods that contain this vitamin, such as peppers and cabbages.

Good calcium intake

Calcium is a necessary mineral for our body. Among other factors, it helps the growth of bones and if we do not take calcium, this can decrease brain function.

Now, we must take the right amount of calcium, which is usually about 900-1,000 mg daily, on average.

We can obtain the consumption of calcium from certain foods, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, seeds , some nuts, such as almonds and also in other foods such as beans. Calcium is essential for memory and good concentration, which is why it is recommended for students



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