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6 Cosmetic uses of pumpkin you did not know


The pumpkin is an excellent food for the organism. But perhaps you did not know about its cosmetic uses , because it is a great ally for your skin.

Its large amount of vitamins and minerals make it also beneficial to show our best side. And not only this, it also strengthens our hair and nails, so that they grow much stronger.

This food is strongly versatile, so we can take it in the kitchen and in the diversity of dishes with ingredients, and it is also used in cosmetics. Enjoy its benefits

Large amount of fiber

Thanks to its good fiber content, the pumpkin allows our digestions not to be heavy and it is also beneficial against the retention of liquids, which at the same time, goes well to reactivate the skin.


It also represents a good solution to moisturize the skin because it carries a lot of minerals, such as copper, potassium and zinc. Dry skin regenerates and also allows the stimulation of hair growth.

Against irritated skin

When our skin is slightly irritated or we have burned with the sun, we can calm it down by grinding some pulp from a piece of pumpkin and applying it directly on the skin area.

If we let act and then clarify, we will see how the skin is less red. So we have a kind of mask that we can apply every two weeks.


The pumpkin presents an orange color thanks to beta-carotene, so it provides a good part of antioxidants, which in addition to protecting our heart, is also good for reducing skin aging.

The power of pumpkin seeds

Apparently, pumpkin seeds provide many benefits for our body. They contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. And with it provides an important anti-inflammatory action, in addition to taking care of our epidermis.

Specifically, omega-3 is good for dry, scaly, cracked and mature skin. Among its benefits we can also mention that it reduces stretch marks.

In various products

The pumpkin for cosmetic use can be found in various products, from gels to soaps to cosmetic creams


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