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Not flashing toilet? More danger ahead including STDs


Mary, not her real name, 37-year old and a mother of three went to the doctor for medical checkup after a week of burning and painful urination. To her amusement, the doctor revealed the shocking truth – she was suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

No single hint in her mind could fathom the source of her tribulation having happily married to her lovely husband for the last 20 years. As faithful as she could ever maintain her marriage, where did she went wrong to contract sexual related sickness?

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After medical prescriptions, she left the hospital frustrated and angry at the same time. Her husband, a local high school teacher became the first suspect.

The problem?

Who else will she blame if her matrimonial home and life was protected by herself?

Waiting anxiously, he arrived in the evening. More questions than answers in her head, she ultimately broke the heartbreaking news and without much explanatory options ordered him to add up to his mischief to the point of infecting her.

On the defensive side, the 40-year old teacher composed all kinds of clarifying words to get out of the hot soup but nothing could help him. Insults and at some points, blows were exchanged as a result of unpredicted faithfulness.

The following day they agreed unanimously to visit health expert who happened to be a gynecologist to get more meaning to the problem.

Visiting gynecologist

Getting the two sides of the story, the health professional concluded that the matter wasn’t about faithfulness. She was to take her medications as prescribed.

Can you imagine where the problem is coming from?

Later on the hard nut was cracked and what they always suspected wasn’t true. None of them was responsible. So, all these time, the housemaid have been suffering in silence with the medical condition. But how did she affected the mother of the house? Could it be that the head of the home had been eyeing the maid?

No! Nothing of that sort happened. A well revered public figure could never imagine of having an affair with the maid, not him.

This is how it happened. The maid who had STD could go to the house toilet as usual but sometime, she ends up not flashing toilet and all the family members share the same toilet. Envisage this scenario.

No flushing toilet

You go to the toilet and without flashing out the remaining urine, sit and comfortably complete your business. Unless you are health conscious, the urine will most likely get in contact with your body – most importantly, the private part.

Women, unlike men, remain vulnerable to contract the disease left behind by the first user of the toilet.

Aside from increased susceptibility to infection produced by mold spores feeding on stagnant human waste, some diseases are directly caused by human sewage.

Exposure to human sewage can lead to diseases such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis, occupational asthma and even Weil’s disease, which is characterized by jaundice, cramps and severe headaches.

Dos and don’ts

Going by Australian Department of Health, flushing toilet users should:

  • Flush the toilet after use
  • Clean it regularly
  • Repair in case the toilet has leaking problem
  • Unblock the toilet in the event of blockage
  • After from human waste, substances such as food, plastics, and clothes shouldn’t be put in the toilet. Most of these items will block the flushing toilet.
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