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Has Mandera County failed to pick a doctor for Cuba training programme?


The national government – under the ministry of health – signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Cuban government, a country with excellent global healthcare reputation, to train about 100 specialists.

The programme was created for the sole purpose of improving healthcare services in public and private health facilities. The new agreement maintains the need to support the health sector in all the 47 counties.

Mandera County were given two Cuban doctors; a general practitioner and a surgeon: Photo / Courtesy

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Under this milestone programme, the national government gave the devolved governments opportunity to pick a doctor for the training in the Caribbean nation.

According to county residents healthcare services have improved since two Cuban doctors – Dr. Landy Rodriguez (surgeon) and Herera Correa (general practitioner) – were posted in the county referral hospital with many patients coming to the largest health facility.

No selection

Senior officers within Mandera county health department, who spoke on anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, exclusively informed AfyaSmile Kenya that Mandera hasn’t successfully picked a doctor for the training.

Our sources, however, attributed the standoff selection to the current acting Chief Officer of Health, Alinoor Mohamed Ali.

Mr. Alinoor, the Chief Officer of Finance and Economic Planning said that the county has given chance to a doctor and that Mandera County has been represented like other counties.

“We have been represented. Mandera doctors benefited and Dr. Savayo was given the chance”, said Alinoor, responding to our question.

The Doctors and administrators, who attributed the failure to the reign of the acting Chief Officer, said that Alinoor did not follow up with the national government and rebuffed to release the few doctors who were interested in the program.

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Our follow up with Dr. Savayo bore no fruits as our calls and messages went unanswered. At this point, AfyaSmile Kenya cannot independently confirm whether the county has been given the slot.

The specialized training will massively benefit the county’s health sector particularly maternal care.

Better services

Going by the allegations, it will be a huge setback to the people of Mandera County if no chance was awarded.

A Cuban-trained personnel will likely bring back the know-how of improving primary care and technicalities of the globally respected Cuban healthcare to grassroot level.

Mandera County government spearheaded by the governor, Ali Roba, should tirelessly and quickly investigate the matter and provide vivid direction to the residents regarding the special training in Cuba.

The county authority should fill any loophole that may prejudice effort to progress the health sector which remains a major section of the big four agenda of the country.

County Assembly Health committee should, specifically, deal with persons alleged to have caused the mayhem after thorough scrutiny and ensure Mandera County residents get access to healthcare services better than before.

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Some of the highly demanded medical specialist in the country are Gynecologists and Pediatricians.

Advanced medical research

As the Cuban doctors were employed in the country to provide services, Kenyan doctors on the other hand, are expected to collectively participate and undertake research in medical trials. One notable concern is covering the vector control in the combat against malaria.

For animal health, the country is also looking forward to Cuba to get vaccines against ticks which lessens the current use of chemicals in eliminating the parasites. Mandera County residents, majority being pastoralists, would actively take advantage of the development in animal health.

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According to Mandera County governor, maternal mortality rate stood at 3,795 per 100,000 live births compared to the national average of 488 per 100,000.

Kenyan doctors, health professional believe, can take care of patients with cancer and other complicated medical conditions if more specialists are trained and advanced medical equipment placed in major public health facilities for screening and treatment.


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