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Study: Less sleep is the reason you are not social and outgoing


At my residential apartment I have internet connection – Wi-Fi – which is on throughout: days and nights.

Lack of rest is associated with various medical conditions affecting people of all walks of life: Photo / Courtesy

After my usual chit chat with colleagues in public joints or well established locations, I go to my room around eleven o’clock or sometimes midnight when my schedules aren’t tight.

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What does this mean? Before finally retiring to bed, I had to go through my social media accounts – Facebook and WhatsApp – and summarize my day’s chat with her.

Additionally, I also have to finish that comedy video I couldn’t watch during the day. Trust you me by the time I finish my online business, the clock is here ticking towards 2 o’clock – wee hour of the night. Like most of you do, my night sleep is 4 hours – less sleep it is, right?

How many hours do you sleep at night? Yes, your answer will determine how introvert or extrovert you are. Startlingly, many people fail to attend to the required average of 7 hours sleep. Health experts recommend having enough sleep at night for healthy living.

Various studies talk about the negative impact of hangovers and sleeplessness and additionally, in a new trend, researchers have revealed how sleep few minutes sleep could lead to one be antisocial.

Furthermore, sleep deprived individual, going by the study, are also not attractive to other people at large.

Social life is really important for your general well-being. Sleeping less and the modern life – the internet and by extension social media, we are left enslaved by our telecommunication gadgets including mobile phones and computers.

The University of California’s study published at the Journal Nature Communications bring forward the connection between loss of sleep and feeling lonely. Going by the findings, more sleep means more friends hanging around you. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Sleep deprivation, for the human species, is seen to be a major contributor of poor health. Lack of rest is associated with various medical conditions affecting people of all walks of life. Peace of mind is everything we must get.

When it comes to sleeping the average seven-hour at night, settings like the urban is different from the countryside and other minor cities.

In layman’s language, less sleep affect part of the brain that is linked with social interaction – it inhibit these witty part of encouraging a person to fully engage with people.

Moreover, less slumber which commonly result in loneliness is a dangerous business because, as past studies have found, it doubles the threat of death by almost 45 percent. Unfortunately, this percentage beats the peril concomitant with obesity.

For the contrasting, I hope you agree with me on this, having enough night sleep will not only make you feel rested but also outgoing and easily socialize with people.

Your outward physique will, however, increase thus other easily feel attracted to you. The link below will help you overcome the sleepless night in a diplomatic way.

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