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Top 5 annoying social media habits to avoid all time


As social networking site users, some behaviour should be avoided all the time. The online communities just like the offline communities require respect considering how certain behaviours disappoint.

A number of social media trends that will impact users and brands alike are accelerating and strengthening.

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It is likely that video streaming and virtual reality will go to mainstream in the coming years.

Furthermore, it’s about time to drop bad social media habits that most people have been enduring silently in the past.

This is some of those habits to bid goodbye;

Consistently selling

Interesting content is one of the top reasons people follow brands on social media. If a brand is focused only on selling on social media, rather than sharing valuable content, users will not follow the brand.

You must give the customer what they are looking for, not simply sales pitch about your latest product or feature.

Your brand should have a human personality, not a robotic sales person. Instead post about trends in the industry and show your expertise. In short, make people come back to you.

Reporting too much

You spend time and effort creating specific pieces of content to your followers.

Marketers plan to increase their sales and for you, having the content in your site is significant.

With much posting of similar content, the followers and readers may be annoyed due to the repetition. Instead, figure out ways to re-purpose the content.

Bad grammar

It’s easy to see social media as casual form of sharing content, but you should be editing and reviewing the content before you send it out.

You may have difficulty putting your thoughts in140 characters for Twitter, but do not settle for bad grammar, or misspelling in order to fit in the character restriction.

Carefully review and edit your publish. Your social media sites should be clean and professional,  as it is a reflection of your brand.

If your publish poor content, your followers will not see you as an expert in the field. They will likely not follow you anymore.

Making fun of everything

This is one of current trend that many brands got into lately.

Making fun at somebody or on something; this could be unkind remark or jokes about something serious.

Nowadays people don’t even care if there is an unfair comment raised. As much as entertainment is valuable, it won’t be necessary to make fun of everything and anything.

Remaining silent

Sometimes your community doesn’t agree with you. Also, sometimes a person will even attack you on your Facebook page or profile, saying how bad you are and how disappointed they are.

The best thing to do is remain silent. Try to avoid unnecessary arguments leading to scandals.


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