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Mandera County employee stranded in a Nairobi hospital


Mandera County employees are in shock after Britam Insurance Company suspended their medical cover.

Britam Centre in Nairobi, Kenya: Photo / Courtesy

The county government which has been paying for a comprehensive medical cover for its workers had not renewed or offered an alternative cover to its employees.

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Halima – not her real name – a nurse at a sub-county hospital in Mandera was affected after she was told to pay cash for a fertility expert consultation she had come for at a top tier hospital in the city, Nairobi.

The hospital Credit Officer told her that her insurance card is suspended.  An upset Halima couldn’t fathom why the county government failed to provide prior communication in terminating the crucial medical cover from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, she had to exhaust her savings on flights from Mandera to the city and, additionally, incur extra transportation cost within Nairobi in seeking the expertise service.

The county worker was to undergo a thorough preconception checkup and a follow up visits with her doctor. Her National Hospital Insurance Fund card could only allow her to pay for bed charges in case of admission. Moreover, many consultant clinics don’t accept NHIF.

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Our effort to reach the county management for comment on the issue bore no fruit as our messages were not replied.

Worried and dismayed Halima hopes the county government will renew or provide an alternative cover before her leave days are over. Unless affirmative action is taken by the authority, the nurse will have to live with her condition without receiving the special care she sought.

Having tried all private hospitals in the county, she states that getting quality healthcare is difficult adding that most private facilities are largely interested in making claims on her NHIF cover.

She is appealing to Governor Ali Roba to intervene so that she can go back to work and serve her community.

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