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Men with gum disease likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction


Let me talk to all men reading this article. Have you ever envisaged that poor oral hygiene –gum disease – could trouble your intimacy performance? I never imagined so!

If you have the gum disease, chances of you suffering from erectile problem upsurges twice and vice versa: Photo / Courtesy

It may sound humorous and shocking at equal measures but if we were to live by a recent study, poor erections and periodontitis are affecting men at the same time.

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Both conditions are linked to each other – meaning that if you have the gum disease, chances of you suffering from erectile problem upsurges twice and vice versa.

Recent study

Researchers from the University of Grenada, Spain, say that gum disease is associated with heart conditions and further states that the gum infection contributes hugely to erection problem than heart problem and diabetes.

In short, it means that both cardiovascular disease and gum infection contribute to erectile dysfunction but again the latter has more impact than heart disease.

Gum disease

Before we proceed, what is this periodontitis or gum disease, as commonly called?

According to Colgate.com gum disease is an inflammation of the gum line that can progress to affect the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. The three stages of gum disease — from least to most severe — are gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.

Some common signs and symptoms of the gum disease include: gum that bleeds easily when brushing, tender and swollen gum, constant bad breath, sharp pain when drinking cold or hot beverages among others.

Although it isn’t common and frequent to bleed when brushing the teeth, it is advisable to check on the dentist for unusual oral occurrence.

Ensure you regularly brush your teeth and use herbal and antibacterial toothpaste: Photo / Courtesy

Going by the study, maintaining good oral hygiene not only protects your teeth and prevent embarrassing bad breath but also help you in avoiding erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence.

How often do you take care of your oral hygiene, meaning how many times, daily or monthly, do you visit the dentist and how frequently do you brush your teeth?

Now, going back to the bewildering study, the scientists studied 158 men, aged between 23 and 69 years.

Of the total targeted male colleagues, 80 of them were found to have erectile dysfunction. The trend of the link between the two conditions – gum disease and erectile dysfunction – were equally observed.

Gum infection and erectile dysfunction

Going further, the study by the Grenada University adds that over 70 percent of men with poor performance in bed also had the gum infection.

Notably, a bigger percentage of men with no any sexual problem suffer from gum infection.

Have you ever, in your life, thought of erectile dysfunction. Impotence, according to Mayo Clinic, is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

If you have problem in getting a stiff erection, maintaining the erection and have less erotic, you probably have poor sexual performance. Apart from stress, underlying medical condition may cause impotence.

Good habits

To do away with gum infection and the impotence at large, ensure you regularly brush your teeth and use herbal and antibacterial toothpaste.

Generally, work towards having healthy oral hygiene. Moreover, use these 6 Personal procedures of detecting bad breath.

The elephant in the room, a burning question you may have, is how are these two conditions related? The mouth, at the top and the private section, below the belt.

The connection is, however, because of a protein called CRP, produced by the liver. The study says that both conditions are linked to the C – reactive protein (CRP).

The protein is associated with inflammation and infections – a clear indication that gum infection is not far from the protein.

The level of CRP increases with inflammation and as MedicineNet.com states some of the causes of increased CRP include trauma, heart attack, certain cancers and other common infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis among others.

Whether the study hold any water shouldn’t be a major confusion simply because it encourages us to go back and see if our mouth is in good condition.

At tender age, if you can reminisce well, our parents and guidance ensured we brushed our teeth to enjoy sweet-smelling life.

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