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11 Signs that your woman is unfaithful to you


You are either married or dating. All was well at the beginning but from nowhere, things took a new turn. Your woman is no longer the person you once shared secrets with.

AfyaSmile Kenya gives you a hint to know if the woman you are calling yours is cheating on you.

If your woman portrays the following signs, a bold step will be the best alternative in your love life:

She concentrates on her physical well-being more than before – At this point, her physical well-being matters a lot. Her dress code, hair, and more make-up is the priority. We are not about the unusual behaviour in the recent times.

Does she dress better when going out with other girls and not you? My friend, this smells a rat since she could be getting entertainment outside your box.

She doesn’t care about you – Naturally, women care about relationships more than men. Normally, she complains about the less time you give her and the little time concern you give her.

If she is cheating on you, she doesn’t take a dump on your whereabouts and activities. If she is no longer nagging and complaining like before, unfortunately, something isn’t adding up.

Emotional betrayal  – Sex is the foundation of marriage, as they contemplate, but if she isn’t interested in intimacy, possibilities are that she had her share from a new catch or getting quickies outside.

When things are moving in the right direction in relationships couples tend to share emotions, sorrows, and joys, but at this point, she rarely talks about intimate matters.

You are no longer in her mind and thought- possibly you have been replaced, find out before it is too late. The earlier you find out the cause the better for you.

Sexy Underwear – this one is a bit tricky! When a woman is involved with someone new, she often will go out and purchase sexier bras and panties – because she feels sexier.

There is a pleasure in woman geting being appreciated as a sexual being and will behave a little sexier; maybe she’s leaving an extra button undone on her blouse or wearing her hair down instead of neatly tied up.

Maybe she has changed her perfume (and that could go either way, stronger to cover the scent of his aftershave or lighter because he’s not fond of heavy fragrances).

She may also change the way she wears make-up for similar reasons. You know her former self than we do here.

She rarely shares her secrets – Remember, she used to tell you about her plans and future events, ask for suggestions, but nowadays, nothing is being communicated.

She does her stuff without involving you. I may not know what is the elephant in the room, why don’t you find out yourself?

No argument and quarrel – It is commonly understood that a relationship that survives without arguments is based on a lie.

In this case, your woman, who used to argue over the slightest mistake you did, is not lamenting.

Don’t imagine all is well, in fact; nothing is getting well. She doesn’t care your predicaments anymore. Slowly, you are being left alone.

She is no longer excited about you – If your woman is not excited about your presence and personal developments, there are chances that she is seeing someone else.

Sometimes, strange behavior manifest itself due to the inner guilt she is carrying in her heart.

She is irritating  – After cheating on you and getting a new lover, she may behave in a way that appears end of the relationship, so that her freedom to join the other person is provided.

You ask her a simple question, like where have you been? Instead of answering directly, nagging follows, she is looking for a slight opportunity to leave the relationship.

Taking a long time on her phone – this is obvious!. She is constantly on the phone making calls, sending messages and above all chatting in the online platform more than before.

Sometimes you will find her speaking in a low tone -possibly hiding the conversation from you. Inquire from her early enough to know the situation.

Along with this, she doesn’t receive your calls, reply your messages and worse, her phone is off on numerous occasion.

Is she ever busy? – When a man is dating a woman, the best things she loves and pride about him are the time they share together.

If she is always complaining about being busy, trust me, something is not adding up.

She is the same woman who used to request to go out with her during free time, but when you ask to go with you, she says she has a tight schedule.

Spending more time outside the home – If she is working, her arrival is suspicious since coming home late hours.

You will be surprised when she explains that she will be going out for some days- for a job assignment.

Alternatively, when running errands, the woman takes long to return home, my friend, your wife has changed.

Bottom line: You could be the reason why she is cheating on you. Are you taking care of her emotional and financial being? Never hesitate to inquire from her the problem facing the relationship.

Talk to her and solve the hurdles without breaking a heart.


  1. My wife had an affair 6 months ago and since then I’ve never been able to trust her. I discovered she’s been cheating on me with the same man (from her office) during lunch breaks at her work! Now that I know I can never trust her again, I’ve ditched her and I’m going to move on.


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