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6 Personal procedures of detecting bad breath


To be honest enough, what is the most disregarded aspect of a person’s behaviour when you interact with them? For me, like I have always been, I hate bad breath with passion.

Unfortunately, some people assume brushing the teeth alone, excluding the tongue, enhances good breath: Photo / Courtesy

Bad breath is never an attraction and if you are the social type – doing more speaking than listening, be keen to avoid last minute or even first minute embarrassment where colleagues step back simply because the breath coming from your mouth is just but a disappointment!

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Actually my worry is when our loved ones – people whom we cannot sit apart – fail to care of their oral hygiene.

We want to lift your conscience today and build a loving atmosphere where participating international event like kissing day brings us together and strengthen our intimacy bond.

Detect bad breath

In a bid to solve bad breathe and improve general hygiene, am impressed with what I have read before and declared to pen down my thought on these simple but foolproof ways of understanding yourself before anyone else does, rescuing you public shame.

Oral health remains a challenge but few give concern

Another fact that I found out – considered important to share – even the cleanest mouth, according to previous study, contains numerous bacteria causing bad breath.

For toady’s piece, we are not telling to you to brush your teeth or smell good but ours is to update on how the bad breath can be detected by yourself.

Knowing the cause is more important than treatment and, on that basis, in few minutes time, at your convenience I can assure you will smell the breath and confirm whether you got good or bad one.

Your hand – before others feel bad about your breath, lick the back of your hand. Wait for few seconds like 10 or so, after it dries smell the point and your result is the true definition of your oral status. If the odour is bad you have bad breath and vice versa.

No special time for similar test. When done with brushing teeth, conduct the test and ensure oral hygiene is taken care of.

Piece of cotton – instead of using the hand, use a piece of cotton to wipe the top surface of your tongue and smell it.

Bad breath means something is not up and in case stains, particularly yellow, stick to the cotton, it shows you should fold up your sleeves and maintain a clean oral hygiene.

Mirror – unfortunately, some people assume brushing the teeth alone, excluding the tongue, enhances good breath, in fact the tongue is the source of all oral problems when it isn’t touched or brushed.

To perform the mirror test, get hold of a mirror and keenly observe your tongue – how is the colour? For yellowish colour, it needs cleaning. I don’t know if you have noticed that smooth tongue surface reveals better breath and vice versa.

Personal conscience – must you be told or wait till bad breath emerges or regularly clean your mouth?

Minus these ways you can easily detect or rather measure how your breath is – bad or good. For instance, if I brush my teeth in the morning and evening, most probably, chances of producing bad breath is nil.

People’s reaction – sometimes all you need in detecting whether your breath is good or bad is to observe how those near you react.

Are they kind of avoiding your mouth or stepping back whenever you contribute? With our inborn intelligence we can quickly know the reaction of people sitting next to us.

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Their opinion– having performed or not the above techniques, ultimately go and ask someone you can give your trust to and shy no more in doing so.

Inquire their opinion and live by the feedback. I am assuring you that conducting this one is the least test people perform as much as oral hygiene is concerned.


Before I forgot, apart from conducting regular oral hygiene, keeping the body hydrated – drinking plenty water is yet another contributing factor of good breath.

Is this why, in most meetings or interviews, people constantly sip their glass of water? I have no idea.

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