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The fake ‘I LOVE YOU’ and parental role in guiding children

Because of fake love. many people get used and abused: Photo / Courtesy

When it comes to falling in love, how much are supposed to give and whom can we give our heart and mind to?

Heart break is very common nowadays and, interestingly, saying ‘I love you’ is the easiest, as it has already lost its meaning. You will agree with me.

To avoid being hurt, depressed and suffer with bleeding heart, give your heart and mind to the creator – Almighty who will surely take care of them. Talking about the fake ‘I love you’, Dr. Mufti Menk, a Muslim cleric, director of Islamic Education Centre explains why people suffer in love.

“The heart and the mind are the most powerful organ Allah has blessed you with. Never ever give control of them to anyone beside Allah. Otherwise you will be hurt and hurt very badly.

A lot of people are struggling, suffering and depressed because they give their hearts away to someone they met on the net. And that person is used and abused.

Can I tell you there are a lot of people who suffer because there was a ‘password’ made up of 8 characters that was used in order to use them, to get to them, to abuse them, what was that ‘password? I love you…8 letters and he continues telling you ‘I love you I love you’ and he’s lying.

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He doesn’t even know what love means. He is not focused at all. If he knew what it means, he wouldn’t be telling it to you. He would be upright.

So that was the ‘password’ once he clicked, typing I love you, it enter straight into your heart…I love you too’ wow! Allah protect us.

Then what happened? We are lost, we are gone because a year down the line we are crying, we are depressed and we can’t even tell our father and mother because they don’t have a clue of what is going on.

They will tell you, you are a fool. But it’s their fault as well. They didn’t played a big role enough in your life to know what was going on. This is why we say you focus, you will know your children are a blessing and you must be focused upon them as well.

That is Allah who placed a duty on your shoulders to look after kids. That what makes her different.

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So don’t allow this ‘password’ that people utter straight into your heart because anyone could say that and press enter and so now we are caught, we are hooked and what happens? Satan got grip of us.

Do not allow people to control the two vital organs I mentioned, no one should control beside Allah, don’t handover them to someone, no. It belong to Allah and we will only do with the heart and the mind what will please Allah.

Yes, when you are married, you have a spouse, within the limits you will able to give a portion of your heart and mind by the will of Allah.

Why? Because that is what pleases Allah but if you give it to elsewhere, believe me you aren’t focused, it will come back and believe me, am a counsellor, I know what am talking about.

It comes back to haunt you because everything that rose – the clubs and the night clubs, the glamour and the night life, the parties and, people are focused on parties. Come Friday night, they are at a party, what party?

‘Eh we went to a party, we had fun and we danced and we had music and everything else. What happened? You are not focused on the hereafter, not at all, did that party help you at all? No!

If you think you are falling in love with this one because of how nice they look and how hot they are, how sharp they are, how wealthy they are, how beautiful they look when they are walking and talking and so on, believe me, the one who made them should primarily be the one whom you are in love with completely”.


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