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Marriage and dating, the 3 golden traits of a woman


When it comes to marriage, getting the right person, particularly a woman, as they say isn’t a walk in the park.

Love is also another perspective when choosing whom to marry. Naturally women are strange, behaviour wise, and it is difficult to understand them.

Marriage is about sacrifice: Photo/ Courtesy

Sometimes back, in a company of colleagues, issue of happy marriage came up. Our concentration was on how to select the best woman or you can say the woman with right qualities.

Fortunately, among ourselves we had a wise man, in this case am connecting what he contributed to the topic and the significance it played in the subject.

Having travelled widely and mature, age wise, our colleague shared with an interesting part of how to choose a woman with certain qualities. She could be your wife we are talking about. Does she portray these qualities? We will be talking about them very shortly.

That is the reason am collectively sharing with you what he told us. Too much of everything is poisonous is an old adage and there are may be numerous good traits to look for in a woman but for ours today, stemming from our friendly debate, there are three major qualities, if you found in your wife, no matter how difficulty she may be towards, don’t let off the hook.

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In short there should be no chance of separating or divorcing her. Or the girl you are dating happens to have some of the features, ponder deeply over serious relationship leading to marriage. I can call them the three golden traits of a wife material.

Loving your children more than you do – of course we expect this kind of trait from motherly figure – the mother of your kids. Lucky is the man, going by our colleague’s revelation, whose wife loves the children more than himself – the husband.

If she cares for your children more than you do, my friend count yourself among the few lucky guys: Photo / Courtesy

As much as it sounds attention-grabbing, you must have seen mothers, mistreating their biological children especially under duress from domestic matters. Neglecting and harming them, in some instances, simply because the man is no longer appealing to her moods.

Another angle is how she brings them up, educating and providing basic needs, without necessarily putting the man in a tight corner.

A case in point, he shared, was of certain woman, doing white collar job and the man, working a football referee, endlessly calling him to send money for saloon.

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Let me leave the answer to you as to why she cannot, with her full capacity and ability, provide money for her daughter’s saloon? Ultimately, if she cares for your children more than you do, my friend count yourself among the few lucky guys.

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Loving your parent more than you do – your parents brought you to this world and without them life is nothing but incomplete and empty space. Before we proceed, where does most domestic violence emanates from? You guess is as good as mine.

Unfortunately, I have been told of girls, on the verge of getting married, making clear to their suitors that they will be better off if he doesn’t have parent.

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Whether she is your wife or in the making, keenly concentrate how she relate with your parent especially your mother because, in most African settings, father in law and daughter in law hardly interact.

The point is here is that if she loves your parent, she is equally important in your life, stick with her in happiness or sadness.

Loving your wealth more than you – without much explanation, a good woman can be the reason of your success and prosperity or unluckily, your downfall. Behind every successful man, there is a woman behind, is true for this kind of womanly trait.

If she can manage your wealth wisely trust me sooner or later, your economic condition will, in most cases, remain stable. Money is not everything, in addition, we got the type gold-diggers – siphoning the little you got regardless of your wallet size.

Happy family emanates from the effort of a fatherly figure: Photo/ Courtesy

A good woman will stand with you in times of hardship but for the opposite, life can surely be miserable. For instance, you could be a middle income earner but your wife, thirsty for lavish life, can make you bankrupt so easily.

Another scenario is: the girl you are dating, on regular basis, insist on living a better life beyond yours and you want to convince me or confuse me that she mean well for you? To cut the long story short, blessed is the man whose wife or potential wife is a pocket friendly.

Like I have said before, there are various traits that makes a good wife or wife material but here are the golden characters of a woman any living man should have at his disposal.

Do you agree with me?


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